Welcome to the Lean Office

Sikes Hall at Clemson University, South Carolina

The Lean Office is responsible for driving change at Clemson University through process improvement projects. To develop this culture of continuous improvement, the Lean Office will work to train all campus employees in the basic Lean principles as they relate to higher education and mentoring them through the process improvement effort. Projects range from Universitywide processes to departmental processes. The Lean Office strives to be the single point of contact for all process improvement efforts.

What is Lean?

Lean focuses on the elimination of waste and improving customer service. Lean involves finding and solving root causes to problems, measuring the system before and after the solution to prove that improvement has occurred and continuing to look for ways to improve. It also provides a standard set of “tools” or methods to execute the various stages of the improvement process, making improvement a regular and standardized part of the every-day work environment. Although Lean practices originated in manufacturing, they have gained popularity in the service industries as organizations have found value in these techniques to reduce costs and enhance the customer experience.


The Clemson University Lean Office strives to develop a culture of continuous improvement that encourages the elimination of waste, increases efficiency, generates revenue and implements best business practices across the University.


Clemson will be the Higher Education Industry Lean leader in process improvement initiatives, including providing training for every University employee and creating a Universitywide environment for continuous improvement.