In order to ensure that employees can focus their time on Clemson’s mission-critical activities, it is imperative that Universitywide processes are designed to be efficient, risk-aversive and focused on the customer. Through the use of Value Stream Mapping and stakeholder engagement, the CU-Lean program has stimulated the growth of a collaborative campus culture which welcomes change and fosters accountability.

Levels of a Value Stream

 Levels of Value Stream at Clemson University, ClemsonSC

Value Stream Mapping is especially valuable to processes which require involvement across multiple divisions or departments. In identifying projects, we begin by examining processes with many stakeholders or handoffs.

Through training and the facilitation of Lean events, the Lean office ensures that project leaders are prepared to make final future-state decisions and develop a detailed implementation plan which will generate real process improvements within 90 days.


Value Stream Mapping Methodology

 Methodology at Clemson Univesrity, Clemson South Carolina

 Working out the process at Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

It is the role of the project facilitator to carry out the Value Stream Mapping methodology and ensure the voice of all stakeholders are included in future-state recommendations.

Project phases at Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

These steps are essential in developing an implementation plan that is effective sustainable into the future.