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Interdepartmental transfers are used to purchase materials and/or services with a cost equal to or greater than $1,000 from other state agencies. The process may be initiated with a Purchase Requisition or Payment Request Form depending on the amount of the purchase. The procurement is then handled as a normal purchase except Interdepartmental Transfer Vouchers are used instead of checks to transfer funds from one agency to the other.


  • Payment from one State Agency to another
  • Greater than $2,500, Purchase Requisition unless on DPV Exemption List but pay on IDT
  • $1001 to $2500, No Purchase Requisition but pay on IDT
  • Equal to or less than $1,000, Payment Request Form
  • S.C. State Agencies include all S.C. State Colleges and S.C. State Universities
  • Partial listing of State Agencies and Institutions (See below)
  • Cannot be used to pay non-State agencies (Technical Colleges)

IDT Form

  • Two-part green form consisting of a credit and debit entry
  • Agency selling the goods and/or services initiates the IDT and completes the credit entry
  • Clemson department attaches the invoice and sends the IDT to Accounting Services in the Administration Services Building for processing. Questions pertaining to IDT’s should be addressed to the same office.
  • If the selling agency does not initiate the IDT, the Clemson department should contact the agency and request the completed form.

IDT link

  • To form and instructions: (Print on green paper)

Partial Listing of SC Colleges, Universities, and SC Agencies

SC Colleges and Universities

The Citadel
The College of Charleston
Lander College
Francis Marion College
The Medical University of South Carolina
South Carolina State College
The University of South Carolina and all Branch Campuses
(i.e.USC Aiken, USC Upstate, etc.)

SC Agencies

Employment Security Commission
Governor’s Office
Insurance Reserve Fund
Office of the Adjutant General
Savannah Valley Authority
South Carolina Aeronautics Commission
South Carolina Arts Commission
South Carolina Commission on Higher Education
South Carolina Department of Corrections
South Carolina Department of Education
South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control
South Carolina Department of Highways & Public Transportation
South Carolina Department of Human Resource Management
South Carolina Department of Labor
South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism
South Carolina Department of Social Services
South Carolina Development Board
South Carolina Division of General Services
South Carolina Division of Insurance Services
South Carolina ETV Commission
South Carolina ETV Network
South Carolina Forestry Commission
South Carolina Highway Supply Depot
South Carolina Land Resources Commission
South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED)
South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium
South Carolina State Budget & Control Board
South Carolina State Highway Department
South Carolina State Treasurer
( Except payment for drug fines, points, violations, traffic fines etc. from the police department)
South Carolina Tax Commission ( Except payment for Admissions Tax)
South Carolina Wildlife & Marine Resources Division

updated April 2012