Finance Division



Documentation supporting expenditures with the authorizing signatures should be kept in the department or at the business office level. Business Officers for a college or division will determine where documents are kept. Documentation must be retained in accordance with University retention schedules and be readily accessible for future reviews - buyWays requisitions have stored approval which do not need to be printed in order to be in complliance with this policy.

  • Required for Payment Request Form or DPV
    • Signed Invoice and/or Receipts (Statements are not acceptable)
    • Invoices should be attached in buyWays
    • buyWays/PeopleSoft Voucher # written on Invoice

Payment Request Forms and/or Direct Payment Form limit is $2500 unless the expenditure is on the Exemption List (Exceptions to the $2500 rule). Exemption list can be found at:

updated April 2012