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Clemson University Freshmen Academic Recruiting Scholarships and Grants

National Scholars

The National Scholars Program offers Clemson's top academic recruiting scholarship (covering tuition, fees, room and board, and other expenses) as well as extensive educational enrichment opportunities (study abroad, specialized coursework, dedicated mentoring). Selection is based on a review of top applications to the Calhoun Honors College and a rigorous, in-person interview process. » More information

The National Merit Scholarship is available for National Merit scholars who meet specific requirements. Clemson University will offer a $1,000 scholarship which is renewable for up to 3 years (a total of 8 terms). National Merit Scholars who complete the FAFSA by the March 1 deadline and have demonstrated financial need in any amount will receive an increased award of $2,000 which is renewable for up to 3 years (a total of 8 terms). Please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for specific details.

Freshmen Academic Recruiting Scholarships

Other academic recruiting scholarships are highly competitive and are awarded to entering freshmen on the basis of their admissions applications, beginning in the fall. A separate financial aid application is not required. Students who wish to be considered for Freshmen Academic Recruiting Scholarships should apply for admissions by December 1 and complete the admissions process by December 31.

Freshmen Recruiting Scholarships 2016-2017

All incoming freshmen who file the FAFSA by Clemson’s March 1st priority deadline are considered for Federal Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG), Federal Work Study, and all Federal loan programs. South Carolina residents are considered for Palmetto Fellows (application available through high schools), LIFE, HOPE, and SC Need-Based Grants through the state. Over 98% of all in-state Clemson freshmen receive either the Palmetto Fellows or LIFE scholarship.

South Carolina Residents

(A student may receive only one of the Trustee Scholarship, Clemson Scholars or Palmetto Pact.)

Trustee Scholarship (or Other Named Scholarship)

  • Students ranked*** in the top 10%* of their high school class who also have at least a 1200 SAT (CR+M) or 27 ACT will receive a renewable scholarship of $1,000.

Clemson Scholars

  • The top student at each South Carolina public high school, as ranked at the end of the junior year, is awarded a renewable $3,500 Clemson Scholars award. Clemson receives nominations from the schools for this scholarship.

Palmetto Pact Scholarship

  • All students (except those already identified as Clemson Scholars) who enroll at Clemson and are awarded a Palmetto Fellows from the state of South Carolina will receive a renewable $2,500 scholarship from Clemson.

Note: Students with a Palmetto Fellows award and who declare a major that is eligible for the South Carolina Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Enhancement will receive the Freshmen STEM Scholarship, which is an additional one-time freshman award of $1,600.

As an add-on to the scholarships listed above, Palmetto Fellows who score at least a 1400 SAT (CR+M) or 32 ACT will receive the Presidential Scholarship which is an additional $2,500 renewable scholarship.

Out-of-State (Domestic) Students

Non-Resident Merit Scholarship**

  • Domestic out-of-state students with at least a 1250 SAT (CR+M) or 28 ACT and who are ranked*** in the top 10%* of their high school class will receive a renewable merit scholarship of at least $7,500. Students with higher test scores will be considered for these merit scholarships up to $15,000 annually.

Clemson Non-Resident Grant

  • All out-of-state students with substantial financial need, who file the FAFSA by Clemson’s priority date of March 1st and meet academic criteria (at least a 1250 SAT (CR+M) or 28 ACT), will be considered for a renewable $2,500 grant in addition to any other scholarship(s).

In addition to the awards listed above, Clemson considers all admitted freshmen (in-state or out-of-state) for our restricted scholarships, which are usually donated by alumni and other friends of the University and awarded to incoming students. Typically, about 15% of our admitted students are offered one of these scholarships.

This list is not inclusive of all scholarships, eligibility criteria, or renewability requirements.

The first high school transcript submitted for admission evaluation will be the same transcript used to determine merit scholarship eligibility.

Test scores need to be received by Clemson on or before March 1st.

* Students applying to Clemson from secondary schools which do not calculate class rank will still be considered for merit scholarships.
** Students with exceptionally high test scores who are not in the top 10% of their high school class will also be considered for merit scholarships.
***Weighted rank (if applicable) is used in this determination.

Scholarship Renewal Eligibility

These scholarships are renewable for an additional three years of continuous undergraduate study for students who continue to meet the minimum prescribed academic criteria. The criteria are usually a cumulative 3.0 GPR and a minimum of 12 credits completed each semester. Academic standing will be monitored at the end of each academic year in May. Recipients who do not meet the scholarship criteria for renewal can make up their deficiencies in summer school and submit a letter of appeal.

Academic recruiting scholarships awarded to out-of-state residents can include a companion Out-of-State Tuition Scholarship/Non-Resident Merit Scholarship that subsidizes a portion of the original Out-of-State Tuition Scholarship offer, up to $500. The Out-of-State Tuition Scholarship/Non-Resident Merit Scholarship is available only during periods of enrollment when the recipient is eligible to receive the recruiting scholarship stipend. Stipends indicated in the scholarship listing are maximums. Awards may be reduced because of funding or other aid awarded.

  • Renewable scholarships are reviewed each year and can be renewed only for three additional years of continuous undergraduate study.
  • Renewable scholarships are not renewed automatically; consideration will be given for scholarship continuation based on all eligibility requirements, other aid awarded and available funding.
  • Continued eligibility is dependent on the eligibility criteria established for each scholarship, including the minimum GPR requirement and the satisfactory completion of 12 credits per semester. Unless otherwise noted, a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPR is required for renewal of Academic Recruiting Scholarships. Academic standing will be monitored in May.

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