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Health Insurance

Student Insurance Brochure

The Clemson University Student Health Insurance Brochure for 2014-2015 is now online.

Mandatory Health Insurance for Graduate Students

While Clemson's Redfern Health Center (RHC) provides efficient and economical primary care, it cannot meet all of the complex health care needs of Clemson's students. For example, treatment for an illness or injury that requires hospitalization, surgery, or long term care requires access to extensive health service capabilities beyond those many excellent services provided by RHC. Given the extraordinarily high costs associated with modern health care, many situations can arise for individuals who do not possess health insurance via which large and potentially devastating medical bills accumulate and seriously interfere with educational and career objectives. Individuals who do not possess health insurance also will discover that health service providers are reluctant to accept uninsured patients. Each year, uninsured students are confronted with these problems.

In the past, Clemson University has strongly recommended that all students have health insurance, to both ensure access to high quality and reliable health services and to offer a buffer against devastating medical charges for serious illnesses or hospital visits. The importance of this issue was underscored this past year by the Clemson Graduate Student Government (GSG). They indicated that their top concern was the need for more comprehensive health insurance, and their top priority was to obtain a health insurance subsidy that would be available to all eligible graduate students.

Therefore, Clemson University requires all full-time (9 hours or more), on-campus graduate students to have health insurance coverage. All international graduate students are required to have health insurance.

This policy is administered by Redfern Health Center as a "hard-waiver program". All full time, on-campus students are enrolled in the university plan unless they waive out of the plan by submitting an online waiver request before the semester begins. Students may choose to waive by semester or for a full year. To submit a waiver go to and click on "Waive". Students who are covered by their parent's, spouse's or employee health insurance will, in general, find those policies to be sufficient to fulfill the waiver requirements. Insurance plans that restrict enrollment based on national origin such as those sold only to international students will not be accepted for waiver. We recognize that requiring health insurance may create an additional financial burden, which is nonetheless outweighed by the many negative consequences of not having health insurance as well as the many positive attributes of the services that are supplied as well as the ability to avoid gaps in health insurance coverage that create complications for individuals with pre-existing conditions. To partially offset some of the health insurance premium costs associated with this requirement Clemson will provide all Graduate Assistants who purchase health insurance from Clemson with an annual non-refundable, non-transferable health insurance subsidy ($600 per semester in 2014-2015) to partially defray an annual premium amount of approximately $1692 (single student rate, 2014-2015).

Additionally, the Clemson financial aid office considers the cost of university-sponsored graduate student health insurance in making financial aid awards.

For more information, see the Student Health Insurance plan FAQ located here.