Academic Continuity

Snow Day

Continuing Academic Progress through Unexpected Circumstances 

When meeting face-to-face is not an option, Clemson University’s faculty and students can participate in eLearning through online class sessions as a way to maintain Academic Continuity.

What is Academic Continuity, and why do we need to practice?

Academic Continuity refers to the continuation of academic services at Clemson University through eLearning (online modalities) in the event of all or parts of instructional site locations being closed and/or unavailable. 

Clemson University must continue to make a significant investment in its academic continuity program by having more academic continuity exercises. In a real emergency which often occurs with little to no notice, knowing what to do and how best to do it will contribute greatly to our community resiliency and academic recovery.

When is the next Academic Continuity Exercise?

February 19th, 2020

What is the focus of this Academic Continuity Exercise?

The February 19, 2020 exercise will focus on assessing our instructors’ readiness/ability to deliver instruction using online tools and methods, and instructional strategies appropriate for situations where face-to-face instruction is not possible.

Will campus be closed on February 19, 2020?

No. Only face-to-face instruction will be moved online. All other business will be conducted as usual.

What is expected of me during the next exercise?

Please refer to the Academic Continuity Exercise Guide for the Day for specific instructions and suggestions.

Have a question about Academic Continuity?

The answer is mostly likely here already! See the link to FAQs below.