Academic Continuity

Snow Day

Continuing Academic Progress through Unexpected Circumstances 

When meeting face-to-face is not an option, Clemson University’s faculty and students can participate in eLearning through online class sessions as a way to maintain Academic Continuity.

Classes moved to Online Instruction after Spring Break

In response to the spread of COVID-19, we have made the decision to move all classes at Clemson to online instruction following spring break through the spring semester, 2020. This includes all undergraduate, graduate and Bridge courses held on the main campus and at University facilities across the state.

Please note that while classes will not take place in person, Clemson will remain open and operational. We remain committed to ensuring that our students can complete the semester as scheduled.

Having Home Connectivity issues? Many Internet providers throughout the country are providing free or reduced service fees for students taking online courses. For the most reliable connection, we recommend contacting a broadband provider in your area. Click for information on programs from AT&T, Comcast, Cox and Spectrum. If these are not options in your area and you have no other reliable internet connection, please contact for information on a cellular hot spot.

Need to submit an extenuating circumstances exception form for systems access? Please contact CCIT support. Because of a high volume of support tickets at this time, using the Live Support Chat is encouraged.

COVID-19 Research Labs Health Plan

The above linked document was prepared by the Provost’s Office to facilitate discussions and as inspiration for PIs at Clemson University.


Please refer to the above link for status of Clemson University systems and to subscribe to system alerts.


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