Online Course Development

Clemson Online provides several pathways for developing quality online courses and programs, depending on your needs. Click on the tabs below to determine which level of engagement is most appropriate for you:

If you are looking to develop an online course independently with just-in-time resources, then our self-paced resources may be just what you need! Whether you have been developing online courses for years or this is a new endeavor for you, our resources are only a click away.

Design Tools

Online Teaching & Learning

So you’ve got a great course all designed, now what? There’s more to a quality online learning experience than just getting the course set. The resources below help you facilitate learning, create engagement, and connect with your students within your course.

Need some guidance in developing an online course? Our digital learning strategists (DLS) are educators with extensive instructional design experience who can assist you with crafting a high-quality online course.

Your DLS partner will guide you through the course development process, from initial course planning and design to delivery of the course. They will also guide you through the ENCORE review process once your course is completed. They can also assist with formulating appropriate online assessments, building example templates, connecting you to training in appropriate learning technologies, and many other ways to ensure your success!

Thinking of starting an online program or certificate? Clemson Online can assist in several ways! Whether it’s initial planning, market research, or program mapping, our team supports your early stage activities, helping you navigate the expectations for online education.

With our team of experienced digital learning strategists, we can work directly with your faculty partners to design and develop courses and ensure they meet all requirements through our ENCORE process and exemplify the quality that you want your program to display.

Have an existing program or certificate? We always love to dialogue about ways we can assist you in taking your offerings to the next level!