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Faculty Resources

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Clemson University’s Office of the Provost has made quality assurance in online course design and facilitation skills a priority, and Clemson Online is committed to being a trusted resource for faculty across campus.

Clemson Online services are intended to help faculty as they consider their content and delivery methods for online coursework. Clemson’s outstanding faculty have a long tradition of designing engaging learning environments where students can co-create their educational success.

Clemson Online staff and resources assist faculty as the implement and maintain innovative approaches to developing effective online pedagogy.

Quality, Enhanced

University policy and procedure for review of all online coursework is managed by Clemson Online and is currently being guided by our Faculty Advisory Board. As formal measures are developed, faculty members and department/program chairs will be notified of new professional development and support opportunities.

Faculty members at any phase of the course design or course implementation process are encouraged to contact Clemson Online to review the pedagogy, technology, delivery of their online courses. Optional instructor certification and course review is also available throughout the year.

Online Faculty and Course Certification

Successful development and delivery of online courses can be a complex performance for faculty. Our training, development, and review programs equip Clemson’s educators with the conceptual and technical skills they need to rock online instruction.

Learn more about online faculty and course certification