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Clemson Online Program Development

Program Initiation (3-8 Meetings)


  • Learn about vision & advise as needed/appropriate (CO)
  • Conduct a Market Analysis as needed (CO)
  • Make adjustments to program plan based on Market data (Partner & CO)
  • Map Program Details, Deadlines, Roles/Responsibilities, etc (Partner & CO)
  • Sign Internal Agreement (Partner & Co)

Course Development


  • Manage execution of project map (CO)
  • Digital Learning Strategist assignment 7 monitoring (CO)
  • Develop course content (Partner) and provide support as needed (CO)



  • Conduct ENCORE Review and make adjustments (CO)
  • Support SARA compliance (CO)

Launch & Post-Launch


  • Full Marketing (Partner & CO Consultation)
  • Launch (Partner & CO Consultation)
  • Ongoing maintenance, improvement, tech support (Partner & CO)
  • Conduct & analyze partner satisfaction survey (CO)
  • Meeting to discuss future partnership opportunities (Partner & CO)

Interested in partnering with Clemson Online?

Contact Tyler Watts, Associate Director of Curriculum & Instruction at