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Nathan Braun

Digital Learning Strategist


Nathan serves as an Coordinator, Asynchronous Curriculum & Instruction for Clemson Online. In this capacity Nathan works with faculty to build new online courses, transition existing traditional courses to an online format, and/or improve existing online offerings. Nathan's hands on approach and technical savvy make him uniquely qualified to guide instructors in the development of these course and make their technology dreams come true. Nathan is focused on serving faculty and on the details. This focus ensures a successful online course and that the faculty member is able to focus his/her attention on the teaching.

Nathan has worked in the field of information technology for more than 15 years. Professionally Nathan served as the Information Technology Director for a national healthcare company. Additionally Nathan has owned and operated a small business focused on providing IT services to small to mid-sized organizations. Nathan is a web developer, programmer, and information technology specialist.

Nathan has worked in higher education since 2010 and has served as a course developer, instructor, and faculty trainer and mentor.

Nathan loves technology but more importantly implementing technology that serves the end-user in a meaningful way.

Nathan enjoys working with horses and has a love for all animals. Nathan has a variety of critters including horses, goats, chickens, dogs, and more. Nathan is a natural hoof care practitioner and works on horses hooves and overall hoof health.

Nathan enjoys cooking (pasta carbonara is his specialty) and will travel anywhere for good food!