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Juan Li

Graduate Assistant, Ph.D. student in Learning Science

Juan assists Clemson Online staff to develop best practices, communication policies, and documentations for training constituents about online media and communication. She provides staff, faculty, and students with online communication support, directing them toward appropriate university resources and facilitating trainings. She also helps track and assess the social and online media use to improve marketing, sharing, and management of online resources.

Juan has 9 years experiences in higher education. Her former role was an ESL (English as Second Language) professor in China. Juan has a keen interest in incorporating technology into classroom, making learning an engaging, efficient and enjoyable process. Juan believes being proficient in using digital media is a basic skill for both teachers and students. She is now teaching EDF4800 Digital Media and Learning for undergraduates in School of Education.

Juan is currently pursuing her Ph. D. degree in Learning Sciences at Clemson University. Juan loves hiking, jogging, taking pictures and watching movies.