Compare Clemson Proctoring Solutions

Clemson University has 3 solutions for proctoring exams. Use the information below to choose the right one for you.

Respondus LockDown Browser

The Respondus LockDown Browser is a secure browser that allows teachers to administer tests and quizzes on Canvas while also preventing students from printing, copying, going to another URL, or accessing other applications. Canvas tests that require LockDown Browser cannot be taken with a standard web browser.

Respondus Monitor (uses Lockdown Browser)

New to Respondus LockDown Browser is Respondus Monitor. Respondus Monitor takes the familiar LockDown Browser and adds a student authentication system and artificial intelligence monitoring system to identify cheating instances. Students will need a computer webcam, photo ID, and Respondus LockDown Browser to complete Canvas assessments that require Monitor. When the assessment is complete, faculty can access a report and the session recording.

Remote Proctor NOW (RP Now)

If you use Remote Proctor NOW, you must inform students of the extra charge through iRoar.

Remote Proctor NOW is a cloud-based (SaaS) solution for secure online examination delivery. Using a standard computer webcam with a high speed internet connection, students now have the ability to take a proctored exam online affordably – anytime, anywhere. Built to protect exam integrity, Remote Proctor NOW authenticates the identity of the test taker and captures the entire exam session which is later reviewed by certified proctors. A report is provided to the institution with links to the actual video of any suspicious behavior. Remote Proctor NOW makes it possible for any organization to achieve greater efficiency, lower costs, provide a level playing field, and above all – deliver convenience without compromising exam integrity.

None of These Work For Me, What Else Can I Do?

Some faculty have used video conferencing tools like Zoom and WebEx (sometimes in conjunction with the Respondus). If you are interested in this path and would like suggestions on how to set it up, go to our Events page and use Clemson Online Booking to schedule a training session. 

Clemson also has the University Testing and Education Center (UTEC) (Link opens in new tab.), but it is largely reserved for proctoring students with appropriate letters of accommodation from Student Accessibility Services.

Proctor Solution Comparison Summary
Criteria Respondus Lockdown Browser Respondus Monitor RP Now
Cost Free Free $12 per student per exam
Special Browser Yes, a lockdown browser Yes, a lockdown browser Yes, a browser that monitors
Webcam Recorded No Yes Yes
Microphone Recorded No Yes Yes
Desktop Recorded No No Yes
Recordings Reviewed None, No recordings Yes, by computer Yes, by RP Now Employee
Report Generated No Yes Yes
Recording Available in Report No Yes Yes
Friendly with Textbook Publisher Content Sort of Sort of Yes
Assistive Technology Compatibility (as of Spring 2020)
Assistive Technology Respondus Lockdown Browser Respondus Monitor RP Now
Read and Write Not yet Not Yet Undetermined
JAWS Yes Partially Undetermined
NVDA Yes Partially Yes
VoiceOver Yes, according to website Yes, according to website Undetermined
Narrator Yes, according to website Yes, according to website Undetermined
ChromeVox No No Undetermined
Dragon Naturally Speaking Partially, according to website Partially, according to website Undetermined
Windows Speech Recognition Partially Partially Undetermined
Dictate Undetermined Undetermined Undetermined

Websites referencing Assistive Technology compatibility:

Even though we were unable to find documentation or test the compatibility of these Assistive Technology with RP Now, we believe that most of them are compatible.