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What is Turnitin®?

Turnitin encourages student originality and provides instructors a tool to use in the detection of plagiarism in text-based assignments. Faculty are not required image alt text to use Turnitin to screen student assignments. Faculty can use Turnitin as a means for raising the profile of the plagiarism issue with students, acting as a deterrent to student plagiarism, and streamlining the process of evaluating a document for possible plagiarism. Instructors who choose to use Turnitin must become familiar with the tool itself and the ethical issues related to using such a tool, understand its capabilities and limitations, and provide their students with notification regarding this tool's use.

Turnitin reviews a student's work for originality by comparing the text to several databases including the Internet and its own database of documents. These comparisons look not only for exact word-for-word matches but also for students' attempts to mask plagiarism by making superficial changes or mixing several sources without attribution. Turnitin produces an "Originality Report" for each submission that is based on checks against multiple databases.

At Clemson, Turnitin is integrated with Canvas, making it easy to create and distribute assignments in a familiar way for students.

What is the Turnitin® for iPad App?

Turnitin for iPad allows instructors to use all the features of turnitin on their iPad with the option to grade offline. The app includes features such as QuickMark® comments with personalized comments, bubble comments, strikethrough text, rubric grading, and more.

Is There a Cost Associated with Turnitin®?

No. Clemson University has a campus wide license for Turnitin.

How Do I Access Turnitin®?

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  • Turnitin is available through Canvas.
  • The Turnitin for iPad free download is available in the app store.

How Do I Use Turnitin®?



Frequently Asked Questions

Review the Turnitin Knowledge Base or the Turnitin Question & Answers page for assistance with frequently asked questions regarding Turnitin.

Do We Offer Instructor-Led Training for Turnitin®?

Yes. Clemson Online currently offers instructor-led training for employees. Please view our training calendar to register for these available classes or email to schedule 1-on-1 training.

What are the System Requirements for Using Turnitin®?

Review the System Requirements for Turnitin.