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Clemson Teaching News

If you teach at Clemson in any role or have an interest regardless, you can receive notifications of teaching-related events from units across the university. This includes any staff, special faculty, adjuncts, and graduate students. Subscribe to the ClemsonTeaching listserv.  To share news, contact Dr. Karen Bunch Franklin at


Syllabi Templates

The OTEI has worked with the Division of Undergraduate Studies and offices across campus to bring you syllabus resources: The Syllabius Template Part One 2021-22 and the University Policies and Student Support Syllabus Part Two 2021-22.

The Syllabus Part One and Part Two can help you keep your syllabus up-to-date with university policies,  practices, and resources.  Part One is a student-centered template which you can rewrite to suit your needs.  It does note specifically which elements are required by Clemson, and it is reviewed annually.  Since it uses a Word template, it is in an accessible format. 

Part Two is revised by applicable units on campus so that the resources and policies are up-to-date.  It can added to the end of your syllabus OR be saved as a separate document and posted in Canvas, thus making your syllabus easier to read. It is designed to be accessible and, for easy reading, has icons to help students track topics.

Teaching Resource Guide

The 2021-22 Clemson Teaching Resource Guide is updated annually, to bring together information from units across campus that are connected to the teaching mission of the university.  

Looking for the university's 2020 Course Models and Blended Learning Playbook & Appendices for Academic Planning? Visit the Instruction for 2020-2021 page.



Assignment Design

Looking for the latest on designing your assignments? Take the Learning-Focused Assignment Design course for instructors, in Clemson Canvas. This course prepares you to revise or create assignments using the latest research into assignment design and this research-based guide, based on transparent design for improved student learning. You can self-enroll in the course with this URL:

Universal Design for Learning

Interested in creating an accessible, inclusive course based on "universal design for learning" principles?  For our new course Engaging All Learners Through Teaching Practices, created by Dr. Michelle Rogers, College of Education, email You can also self-enroll to access the course here: 

You can also access Dr. Eric Moore's UDL Course located in Clemson Canvas for a more advanced course.  For other OTEI courses and programs that are open for enrollment are announced on our Events page.