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President’s Leadership Institute

Sikes Hall at Clemson University, South Carolina

The President’s Leadership Institute is intended for emerging, high-potential, and high-performing members of the faculty and staff of Clemson University. The program aims to:

  • provide a greater understanding of the University by exploring issues and opportunities facing Clemson and higher education
    • This includes, but is not limited to, issues related to Clemson’s mission, strategies, priorities, governance, stakeholders, and internal/external relations
  • offer a close examination of the internal structure and unique characteristics of our University landscape
  • broaden perspectives of Clemson’s impact at a state, regional, national, and international level
  • create dialogue and discussion on important topics to the state of our University and its constituents
  • ensure higher levels of familiarity and interaction amongst faculty and staff from various colleges and departments.

The program is designed to offer a meaningful and rewarding experience for one faculty and one staff cohort of participants on an annual basis. Each cohort will embark on a nine-month program that includes two overnight retreats (an opening and closing retreat), seven class days, and a variety of “field trips” and special sessions that are designed to complement the topics and curriculum being covered through the class days. 

  • Faculty Cohort — The faculty cohort of the PLI shall be offered annually and shall run from August through April of a given academic year. There shall be no more than 20 participants selected to participate in each year’s class.
  • Staff Cohort — The staff cohort of the PLI shall be offered annually and shall run from February through September of a given academic year/cycle. There shall be no more than 20 participants selected to participate in each year’s class.

Program participants will undergo – and therefore should expect – critical thinking, problem-solving, self-analysis, exposure to new ideas, rigorous and healthy discussion on a myriad of topics, and high levels of fellowship and interaction with fellow classmates.

  • Selection Process

    The PLI is intended to facilitate the continued professional development of faculty and senior staff members who have demonstrated exceptional performance in their respective areas, untapped leadership potential, interest in the program and willingness to contribute to the broader well-being of the University, and a desire to learn and expand their own horizons.

    Individuals who meet this criteria may be nominated by the college deans and/or the Provost (in the case of the faculty cohort) and by the University vice-presidents or corresponding divisional heads or senior administrators of the non-academic units of the University. A selection committee will be established and convened to review and deliberate upon the pool of nominations.

    Nominations for the faculty cohort will be solicited in November of a given year and likewise in August for the staff cohort. Through the selection process, every effort will be made to ensure that each class contains broad representation from across the University landscape as well as diversity in perspective and experience amongst the participants.

  • Program Topics

    An example of potential topics to be examined and covered in great detail throughout the course of the PLI follows:

    • Clemson's History and Character (Land-Grant, Mission, Governance Model)
    • Clemson University as a Business – What It Takes to Run a University and Meet the Needs of Our Constituents (Finance, Facilities, Infrastructure, Internal/External Relations)
    • Clemson University as a Municipality – Keeping Us Safe (Fire, Police, EMS)
    • Personal Leadership Skills/Team-Building/Leadership Styles
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Economic Development
    • Clemson's Impact Across South Carolina (Greenville, Columbia, Charleston, Public Service Activities)
    • Student Life
    • Government Relations
    • College Spotlights (Deans, Unique Programs, Overview of Departments)
    • Issues in Higher Education/Changes and Trends in Academia
    • Athletics (Programs and Facilities, Compliance, Recruiting, Operations)
    • Strategic Planning and University Priorities

  • Fall 2015/Winter 2016 Planning Timeline

    Faculty Cohort

    • Promotion and Solicitation – Week of November 16 to 20
      • Follow-Up Promotions – Week of November 30 to December 4, Week of December 14 to 18
      • Final Call – January 8
      • Deadline to Submit – Friday, January 15
      • Selection Process – January 18 to January 27
      • Announcement of Selections – Week of February 1 to 5
      • Orientation – Late April/Early May (working around final exam schedule)
      • Opening Retreat – Late July/Early August
      • Proposed Inaugural Class Schedule
        • Opening Retreat – August
        • Class Day 1 – September
        • Class Day 2 – October (Greenville)
        • Class Day 3 – November
        • Class Day 4 – January (Charleston)
        • Off-Site/State House Visit – February
        • Class Day 5 – March
        • Class Day 6 – April
        • Closing Retreat – May

For questions or additional information, please contact Wil Brasington.