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New Supplier Registration Process

11/30/17 (updated 2/21/18)

As your Business Officer may have shared with you, Procurement and Business Services has been busy working on updates to the supplier registration process to help safeguard the University and ensure that the suppliers we have available to you are reputable companies.

We have finalizing the new process and had our top suppliers come in and test the new process in December.

Along with this new process, we are cleaning up the supplier database in buyWays to ensure that all supplier profiles are up to date and accurate. Any supplier that Clemson University has not done business with, or has conducted only limited business, within the past two years has been inactivated. 

Click here to view the training document on how to request a new supplier.

Supplier Registration Process timeline and screenshots (new 2/21/18)

Below is a schedule of what is to come. ­Updates will be posted to this site as we make this transition.  New training items and more specific details will be added as new features and processes go live.  Check back for updates.

Update What is it Who's Affected Estimated Start Date
Current Registration Site Down On this date, no registration site will be available Suppliers Completed 12/8/17
Clean-up of Current Suppliers Review of all suppliers in buyWays, inactivate suppliers not used Suppliers Completed 12/8/17
New Supplier Registration Process Live New process for suppliers to be registered Campus and Suppliers Completed 12/18/17
Payment Policy Updates New payment options will be available Suppliers Completed
Training Updated online training for Campus and Suppliers Campus and Suppliers December 2017 and ongoing
Change Orders Change orders to current PO's Campus and Suppliers Spring 2018
After the Fact Orders Policy for orders placed without a purchase order Campus and Suppliers Spring 2018


Why are we making changes?

Recently, there have been multiple successful phishing attacks and security breaches at other Higher Ed schools.  These attacks are focusing more on supply chain and procurement where significant money transacts.  Our goal is to improve the process while protecting the University at the same time.

All suppliers will have their information vetted prior to becoming active in our system. Simply put, we are going to ensure that they are who they say they are and take the extra step to ensure we provide quality, reputable companies for you to do business with. 

Clemson University is managing the conversion and administration of supplier’s receiving electronic payments as the default method of payment and moving away from making payments via paper check.  There will be two payment options available for domestic suppliers, Paymode and TigerPay while the only available option for international suppliers will be via wire. Checks will only be issued on a limited and rare occasion. 

What changes are being made?

Procurement and Business Services has updated the process in which a supplier will register to do business with Clemson to include a vetting process to ensure that they are a reputable business.

Who will be affected?

All suppliers will be affected. The top 2500 suppliers will have to update their profile in buyWays.  Suppliers that have been inactivated will require a valid business need to be invited to register.  (see details below)

Going forward, campus will need to request a supplier to be invited in the new process. This is to ensure we don’t have suppliers in the system that aren't being utilized. The request will be in buyWays with a few simple questions.  Procurement and Business Services will then make the determination and invite the supplier to register.

Related Orgs will not be affected with this new supplier registration process.

What if I have an open PO with a supplier, will they be inactivated?

No, suppliers with open purchase orders will not be inactivated.

I can't find my supplier in buyWays, what do I do?

If you find there is a need for a supplier, and the supplier is not in buyWays, follow the steps:

Complete the Supplier Request in buyWays. Information that will be required to complete the request:

    • Supplier name
    • Contact name/Email address
    • Type of supplier
    • Product or service being provided
    • Ordering frequency
    • Reason for supplier request

Once the Supplier Request has been completed and submitted, the Supplier Request will route to the appropriate Buyer for approval.  Within 3 business days, you will receive and email indicating that the request has been approved, rejected or returned by the Buyer.

  • APPROVED - If approved by the Buyer, you will receive an email and the supplier will receive an invitation to register into buyWays. (Time to complete this is dependent on the supplier).
  • REJECTED - If rejected by the Buyer, you will receive an email that the supplier was rejected.  It is possible that there was an exisiting supplier record found in buyWays with the same name as your request.  In this case, the exisiting supplier record will be invited to register to avoid duplicating suppliers in buyWays.  Refer to this History link on the request form for additional notes and details.
  • RETURNED - The Buyer may return the request to you for more information.

Once the supplier successfully completes the registration, a 3rd party will vet the information for completeness and accuracy.  This may take up to 14 days.  

  • You will receive an email informing you that the supplier profile has been accepted and added into buyWays, or rejected.
  • If accepted, the supplier will become available to receive purchase orders and payments in buyWays. 

What are the Buyers looking for when they decide to approve/reject a supplier request?

  1. Is the supplier already in buyWays as an inactive supplier?  If so, the supplier request is rejected and the exisiting supplier in buyWays is invited to register after the list below is checked.
  2. Verify the supplier name, contact name, email address for accuracy.
  3. Is this is a Clemson Employee or Student?
  4. Type of supplier and what goods/services do they provide. 
  5. The reason we need to add this supplier.

How will suppliers register in the new process?

Suppliers will be invited by Procurement and Business Services to register once it is determined that there is a need for that supplier.  The emailed invitation will come from, not Clemson. Clemson Procurement and Business Services has partnered with SciQuest (now known as Jaggaer) to provide our suppliers with a secure Supplier Portal where suppliers can log in and create and manage a profile.  Due to this new vetting process, it will take longer for the supplier to become active in buyWays.

What do the suppliers need to know?

Suppliers that are new to Clemson, will be required to register before receiving any orders.  Only suppliers who are invited to register will be able to complete the registration process.   An email invitation will be sent to the supplier to complete once a need has been identified. 

The registration will capture key information about the supplier.  Procurement and Business Services will review registered supplier profiles when considering suppliers for ordering.

Suppliers who do not receive an invitation from Clemson, will still be able to register with the University in our bidding system as a bidder where they can potentially earn future Clemson business.

What if the supplier contact changes?

The supplier needs to log into their Jaggaer account and change/update any contact information.  Jaggaer technical support can also be reached at 1-800-233-1121.

Where do I go to see the status of the supplier request form?

From the supplier icon, click on My Supplier Requests.  You can also go to the history link on the request form to review additional notes. You can always email or call the Supplier Relationship Manager at 864-656-6179. 

The history says my request was rejected but an old profile was invited – what does this mean?

There was currently an inactive profile for the supplier you requested, instead of creating another profile we are simply sending the invite using the existing profile.

If the invite has been sent but the supplier does not receive it what do they do?

If they have checked junk/spam folders you can request the invitation be resent.  Please make sure the email address submitted is correct as this is where the invite will be sent.

What does vetting mean?

Vetting is a thorough and diligent review of a prospective person or business.