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Total Campus Marketing

Clemson Total Campus Marketing (TCM) is an expansion and coordination of current multi-media rights practice within the athletic market place through extending this practice to approved multi-media opportunities throughout the entire Clemson campus, including but not limited to the areas, such as the University Business Affairs, Advancement, Student Affairs and where deemed appropriate, Academic Affairs, including Economic Development, PSA and Research. The Clemson University marketing rights holder is Clemson Sports & Campus Marketing (CS&CM).

TCM does not cross into the corporate gift/development world of IPTAY and University Development, nor does it take the place of Corporate Research Grants or Research Gifts-In-Kind opportunities currently provided through areas of Clemson University.  However, TCM will work in partnership with these areas to investigate new, creative and innovative opportunities to co-brand Clemson University with first-class partners who are looking to market and advertise their brand in partnership with the University.

  • For Campus Stakeholders and Departments

    What are marketing rights?

    Clemson University has contracted with JMI Sports (Clemson Sports and Campus Marketing), to be our marketing rights holder. Simply meaning, CS&CM has the right to vet and contract with other companies to market and advertise their products and brands within our campus community. This relationship helps ensure the University brand and expectations are not diluted and provides a single point of contact for companies to advertise within Clemson.

    What is the difference between marketing sponsorship and development?

    Companies designate different budget lines to philanthropic (non-advertising or gift sponsorship) versus advertising/marketing investing. These two types of expenditures have different tax implications. Philanthropic sponsorships are given by a company in support of a program where they receive no advertising benefit. An advertising/marketing sponsorship is revenue or gift-in-kind paid to Clemson in return for access to the potential market (students, faculty, staff).


    Assets - also referred to as inventory or marketing opportunities. These can be anything from a sign or logo placement on a physical location, tabling or signage, to sponsorship of an event like homecoming or of a smaller speaking engagement. We hope through TCM to identify and create new assets that can give sponsors opportunities to market themselves through targeted, comprehensive marketing plans with the University., Activations, Sponsors and Sponsorships- see the Total Campus Marketing Operations Policy above.

    Activations - execution of the call to action as described in the marketing/advertising or asset plan. Examples include, but are not limited to, email, social media post, in person interaction, website presence, or distribution of product or materials.

    Sponsors - businesses who desire to create a relationship with the University where they provide revenue or resources to the University in exchange for advertising recognition and access.

    Sponsorship - are cash and/or in-kind compensation paid to Clemson in support of a University program or event. There are two main types of sponsorships:

    Non-Advertising or Gift Sponsorship – given by a sponsor as a gift in support of a program where they receive no advertising benefit. The sponsor receives acknowledgement of their gift and recognition as a sponsor of a program or event on campus, at the event, on a room or a building, or in accompanying publications and publicity. This non-advertising or philanthropic sponsorship, is normally processed by University Development. The IRS defines advertising as competitive pricing or product information displayed because of the donation. If the recognition fits this definition of advertising, the sponsorship is an exchange transaction, not a gift. Simple name or logo placement is not advertising. Non-advertising or gift sponsorships can be sourced from a variety of organizational resources including corporate budgets in marketing, community relations, human resources, research, talent acquisition, executive budgets, company grants and corporate foundations.

    Advertising/Marketing Sponsorship – a cash or in-kind fee paid to Clemson in return for access to the potential market associated with that property. This is normally given with the expectation of a commercial return. Whenever a sponsorship included exchange of rights, assets or a CTA in exchange for payment, this is a sponsorship that will be handled through the TCM Partner. In cases where a gift sponsorship is also part of a larger marketing/advertising program with a sponsor, the TCM Partner would take the lead in coordinating with the sponsor in conjunction with Development unless Development has already established this sponsorship. In cases where a sponsorship is also part of a long-term strategic university partnership, Development will take the lead in coordinating with the sponsor in conjunction with leadership in the divisions of External Affairs, Research, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, etc.

    Process for Sponsorship Approval:

    As companies are identified for sponsorship, the TCM team will identify assets within the campus community to create packages that mutually benefit the campus community and the sponsoring company. This proposal development process is multi-layered discussion to ensure campus is not over-commercialized but also adds value to the company. Stakeholders will be in constant communication with TCM and CS&CM.

    Once a marketing plan or asset package has been identified with proposed assets and revenue, campus stakeholders will have a formal review of the asset plan and the VP of the respective areas has final approval.

    The final step is executing the marketing and asset plan. Revenue received from the proposal will be receipted and allocated as agreed upon to the respective stakeholders.

    For further depiction of the sponsorship approval process please review the Total Campus Marketing Operations Policy above.

  • For Corporations and Business Sponsors

    Clemson Sports & Campus Marketing (JMI Sports) is the official multimedia rights and corporate sponsorship partner of Clemson University. CS&CM works as an extension of Clemson University and Clemson Athletics to expand partnerships with corporate sponsors and enhance multimedia platforms. By creating customized marketing solutions that achieve the unique and multi-faceted business objectives of each company, they seek to build valuable long-term relationships between the University and its partners, while enhancing the experience at athletic events, on campus and across all digital platforms.

    Examples of Assets and Activations:
    • Reach campus audiences of faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents and visitors.
    • Communicate with audiences through signage, digital network, social media and print media.
    • Sponsorship of campus programs and events such as new student orientation, homecoming, professional development series and personal development series.
    • Engage across all of Clemson Universities campuses including Main Campus in Clemson, SC, Greenville ONE Center, CU-ICAR, Zucker Center (Charleston) and CU Online.

    For more information or to start to create opportunities on campus please contact Clemson Sports & Campus Marketing.

  • Current Sponsors

    Sponsorships are developed on an on-going basis and have varying terms and conditions.  The current list of sponsors are:

    Bank of America- Affinity Credit Card
    Founders Federal Credit Union
    TD Bank
    The Reserve
    Wells Fargo

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