Procurement Policies and Procedures

Receiving and Delivering

Related Policy

The Receiving and Shipping is responsible for incoming and outgoing shipments as well as facilitating the delivery of purchased items to the various departments.

Incoming shipments are unloaded and checked for apparent damage. Items received are normally delivered to the user department within a 24-hour period.

After the department has received the merchandise, verified the shipment, and received an invoice, payment may be processed. If there are changes to the purchase order, i.e., price increase/decrease, cancellation of items, etc., a Change Order should be transmitted to Procurement Services before the invoice is entered for payment.

Damage Claims on any shipment received broken or damaged will be filed by Receiving and Shipping. The user department should retain the damaged article in its original container (adjustment will not be made without the original container) and notify Receiving and Shipping as soon as possible. The article will be picked up and appropriate action taken by Receiving and Shipping personnel.

Certain materials and supplies will not be unloaded at Receiving due to equipment and personnel incapabilities. Such things as bulk (truckload quantities) will be directed and escorted by Receiving personnel, if appropriate, to the proper unloading location. Another item in this category is gas delivered in cylinders.

Outgoing motor freight shipments may be processed through Receiving and Shipping. Outgoing shipments should be properly packaged, labeled, and delivered to Receiving and Shipping for pick up by a commercial carrier. The package should be accompanied by a properly completed and executed Shipping Form (see Exhibit 24).

Shipments will be made via motor freight. Receiving and Shipping personnel will prepare the proper bill of lading or other required documentation. Please indicate the insurance amount required and whether the shipment is to be prepaid or collect.