Surplus and Receiving Information

Surplus and Receiving at Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

Surplus Property

11/11/16 - The surplus warehouse is FULL and NOT accepting any additional items until the state screens and hauls off surplus items the week of December 5th.  We will begin receiving surplus again the week of December 12th.  Be sure to check out the surplus inventory for items that you may need.  Surplus items are free for University use, so before you spend money on a new deck, chair, file cabinet, etc. come see what surplus has in the ASB warehouse.

Any department desiring to declare University property in its custody as SURPLUS must submit a Declaration of Surplus Property Form (CUBO 206) to Procurement Services. After receiving the Declaration of Surplus Property form, Procurement Services will return a copy of the original with a receipted stamp and the signature of a Procurement official to the originating department. The department should retain this form as authorization to dispose of the items and to delete the items from the movable equipment inventory.

If you have further questions, please contact: Surplus Property ( or call 864-656-2092.

Central Receiving

Departments are required to inspect all packages before signing the bottom line.

Why Inspect a Package?

  • Inspect for damages.
  • Be sure all packages have been received when signing for multiple packages
  • By signing you become liable for the items received, returns for damages after signing will be at the Clemson University department’s cost.

If a Package is Damaged

  • Ask the delivery person to take note of the damages on their receiving forms. This will clear you from any additional costs.
  • If the delivery person refuses to write down the damages, do not accept the package and return the item to the sender.

Receiving Equipment or Items that Require Setup

  • Contact Clemson University Receiving Department — Michael T. Evett with the following information:
    • Receiving department name
    • Clemson University contact person name and phone number
    • Company name where good are purchased from
    • List of items being delivered
    • Approximate delivery date
  • Arrange with Clemson University department personnel to direct unloading of items
  • Arrange with Clemson University moving crew if necessary
  • Arrange with the company to have the necessary personnel to have the items installed or set up.

If you have further questions, please contact: Mike, Gene or Levis by calling 864-656-2092.