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Inbound Freight Services

Clemson has contracted with Vantage Point Logistics (VPL), an Inbound Freight Service.  Inbound freight is considered the delivery of items to the University.  The key objective of this program is to reduce the costs of inbound freight on University purchases. VPL will serve as a third party intermediary between the University, FedEx and our suppliers.

There is no change on how we order or interact with suppliers.  These changes only apply to purchases where shipping charges are not included in unit pricing.  Current contracts with suppliers that stipulate “free freight” or “freight included” will not be affected.  Purchase Orders will still be placed through buyWays and will now include shipping instructions for the supplier.

Rather than suppliers charging us their own shipping rates and being included on the PO, suppliers will bill the University’s FedEx account number for shipments.  FedEx will invoice VPL directly for shipping charges and VPL will, in turn, invoice the University electronically for the shipping charges. The shipping charge will show on the GL similarly to print charges.

Ordering and Additional Information below:

VPL handles all supplier communication regarding our program and all changes occur on the supplier side. These changes will be completely transparent to departments and orders can be placed in the same manner as always using buyWays.  A daily report will be sent to VPL, so if a vendor charges shipping other than through VPL; VPL contacts them to set up the process of charging shipping through VPL.  Going forward suppliers will use VPL without you having to do anything.

For purchases that are not made through buyWays;  i.e…, P-card, where shipping is not included in unit pricing, below instructions are to be followed.

  • Small package (less than 150 lbs.), provide FedEx account number for VPL to the supplier.  Our FedEx Account number can be found on all PO's to suppliers and in buyWays under the buyWays announcements heading.  Please list the last name of purchaser in Recipient Address on line 2 of shipping label along with “CC” as prefix.  Example: CCSmith.
  • Packages over 150 lbs. (LTL delivery), request supplier contact VPL @ 844-875-7444 or

For more information, please visit:  Inbound Freight Services FAQs

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