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Integrated Waste Service Contract

Clemson University has contracted with Republic Services of South Carolina to provide integrated waste management services which includes: the collection, hauling and disposal of solid waste collected from front load containers and vertical packers; the collection and recycling of corrugated cardboard from select university locations; the hauling and disposal of solid waste from roll-off containers and self-contained compactors from designated areas owned and/or operated by the University. The disposal of solid waste must be to a state certified waste-to-energy facility, state certified transfer station or state certified solid waste landfill.  Republic is to provide all necessary containers/ or OCC dumpsters for the daily collection of trash/OCC.  Republic will provide all necessary maintenance and general upkeep to the containers as part of this contract.

The service provider will empty and recycle or dispose of waste from dumpsters and compactors per specifications and provide verifiable weight information for all waste collected at Clemson.  It is Republic's responsible to track all waste collected at the University and Invoice accordingly using their GPS system for record tracking.

Containers that are listed as "on call" in the collection schedule will require a 24-hour response time from the time the call is place and Clemson has the confirmation number provided by Republic.  For any emergency service request, Republic is to respond to any requests for extra containers within four (4) hours.

Ordering and Additional Information below:

Use the Non-Catalog Form in buyWays to order this service from Republic Services of South Carolina.

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