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Paint, Labor and Supplies

Clemson has contracted with Greentree Corporation for paint labor and Sherwin Williams for paint and paint supplies.

Greentree Corp  is responsible for securing, storing and properly disposing of all painting material. All paint, primer, spackling, joint compound, caulking and paint thinner will be supplied by Clemson University.

You can contact the University Paint Shop or the Clemson Sherwin Williams Store to obtain brochures/binders that contain all available colors approved by Clemson. There is a list of frequently used items already priced for your convenience attached to the Sherwin Williams contract in buyWays (Contract # 26482461).  

Labor rate for painters is $18.36 for supervisors and $14.03 for workers.

Ordering and Additional Information below:

If you would like a quote for paint labor, feel free to contact Derek Miller at 864-324-6404 or  For questions regarding paint and paint supplies, you can contact Robert Pettigrew at 864-324-9224 or  After acquiring a quote, order the labor and supplies via the non-catalog form in buyWays.

For any additional questions, please contact the Allison Paton,

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