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Inbound Freight Services

Vantage Point Logistics - Freight Management for Clemson Suppliers

Clemson University has recently contracted with Vantage Point Logistics, Inc. (VPL) to provide freight management services through FedEx.  The goal of this new program is to reduce shipping costs through mode-optimization and the value-added service offerings of VPL.  This new program will apply only to inbound freight that is shipped FOB Destination, via the third party (VPL) carrier account number that will be provided.  Contracts currently in place with suppliers that stipulate “free freight” or “freight included” will not be affected.

Please provide Vantage Point Logistics (VPL) with the requested information so they can get you setup with the third party recipient.

  1. If your standard business practice is to assess a shipping charge on our invoices we ask that you update this process to ship small packages (less than 150 lbs.) “FOB Destination” via the third party (VPL) carrier account number that will be provided.
  2. Please list the Clemson University Purchase Order (PO) number in the Recipient Address on line 2 of shipping label.  If order is being placed using a P-Card, please list the last name of purchaser in Recipient Address on line 2 of shipping label along with “CC” as prefix.  Example: CCSmith.
  3. Use the mode of transport as selected by our purchasing members or as directed by the PO (e.g. Express, Ground, Overnight, etc.)
  4. For palletized or LTL shipments (shipments over 150 lbs), please call 844-875-7444 or email to schedule your pick-up and delivery of the items.  Please follow your normal procedures for preparing LTL shipments, i.e. shrink-wrapping pallets and/or labeling cartons with appropriate address and handling information.
  5. As part of implementation we ask that you provide access to all Clemson University shipping information when requested by VPL.
  6. Account confidentiality:  Third party account numbers are confidential and should only be communicated for the limited purpose of preparing these shipments under the routing instructions listed on website referenced above.  Do not post this information online or make it generally available beyond what is required for your company to meet these instructions.

Contact information:

  • For program related questions, contact the VPL Supplier Care team at or 1.855.826.8200, Ext. 2.
  • For shipping needs (scheduling pickups, tracking information, ordering supplies, etc.), contact FedEx Customer Support at 1.800.463.3339.
  • For all Clemson University specific questions, please contact Shirley Alexander at or call the Procurement Services 864-656-2390.

On behalf of Clemson University, we appreciate your cooperation and support as we implement this new program.