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Faculty Affairs

Faculty Affairs

The success of our University is closely connected to the remarkable quality of its faculty. Our office provides comprehensive support for Clemson faculty during all stages of their academic career in the areas of teaching, research, personnel matters, professional development and service endeavors.

Faculty Recruitment

The Provost Office supports the recruitment and hiring of outstanding faculty members and senior administrators.

Career Development

The Provost Office supports career development and success of faculty members.

Leadership Development

The Provost Office supports the ongoing development of academic leaders at Clemson University.

Recognition and Awards

The University recognizes significant contributions by faculty members through a variety of awards.

Promotion, Tenure and Other Faculty Personnel Actions

The Provost Office oversees the designation of emeritus status, and approval of research leaves, and assists in the resolution of faculty grievances.

Work/Life Policies

The university has developed policies to assist faculty with the challenges of balancing professional and personal life.


The Sabbatical Leave program provides an opportunity for Clemson University faculty to continue their professional development.


The Provost Office provides resources to aid faculty with the information and forms needed to support them in their instruction, research and development.