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  • Portia Botchway receives award from Debby Jackson
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  • Clemson University Emeritus College
  • Clemson University Emeritus College
  • Clemson University Emeritus College
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  • Clemson University Emeritus College

Welcome to the Clemson University Emeritus College. Please use our website to explore the many ways that Clemson’s dynamic and illustrious contingent of emeritus faculty continue to serve the University while enjoying a rich and engaged retirement. The decades of service to Clemson students, South Carolina and the nation have imbued Clemson emeriti with dedication and an appetite for continuing involvement. I am proud to serve as the Director of the Emeritus College!

Dr. Debbie Jackson, Professor Emerita
Director, Emeritus College

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  • Emeritus College News and Events
  • Life After Retirement

    Clemson University emeritus faculty are busy with many interesting and purposeful activities after dedicating many years to the University. In many cases, this life stage is filled with meaningful and important work, and the CU Emeritus College web is a perfect place to inform others about “Life After Retirement”.

    Click here to read more about Life After Retirement and see what Clemson Emeriti are up to!

  • Distinguished Emeriti Award
    Distinguished Emeriti Award Recipient Dr. M. Elaine Richardson, Clemson University

    This year's Distinguished Emeriti Award was presented to Dr. M. Elaine Richardson.

    Read more about Dr. Richardson on the Emeritus College blog.

    The Kenelly-Voss Distinguished Emeriti Award will recognize an outstanding emeritus whose contributions to academia, the University, the community and mankind have continued beyond retirement. The award will be presented annually at Emeritus Day. Click here to view a list of past award recipients. To nominate someone for this prestigious award, click here.

  • I. Dwaine Eubanks Emeritus College Fellows

    Many emeritus faculty members steadily render valuable service to the Emeritus College and to Clemson University without compensation. The Emeritus College has long needed a mechanism for acknowledging the value of those contributions and to provide a way to recognize those stalwarts at Emeritus College events. The designation of Emeritus College Fellow has been created to honor those individuals.

    To nominate someone as a Fellow, click here.

  • Emeritus Award for Community Service

    This award was established by the Emeritus College Advisory Board to recognize emeritus faculty members who provide extraordinary service to the community or their professions outside the university and Emeritus College. This year's Emeritus Award for Community Service was presented to Dr. Vic Shelburne. To read more, click here.

    To nominate someone for this award, click here.

  • Emeritus Award for Research and Scholarship
    Research and Scholarship Award Recipient Don Collins, Clemson University

    2022 Emeritus College for Research and Scholarship recipient was Donald L. Collins, Professor Emeritus of Planning and Landscape Architecture.

    Read more about Donald L. Collins on the Emeritus College blog.

    This award was established by the Emeritus College Advisory Board to recognize emeritus faculty members who continue to produce extraordinary research and scholarship, either in their discipline or in a new field. The award will be presented in even-numbered years.

    To nominate someone for this award, click here.

  • Volunteer as a Conversation Partner for International Students

    We first of all want to express our personal gratitude to the faculty of the Emeritus College who have already served as mentors in the Conversation Pairs program for the past two semesters. All the students you have been mentoring have performed well on the Verification of English Skills Test (VEST) and have become eligible for a teaching assistantship (TA). Your work is also appreciated by the students.

    This year we again call your attention to the opportunity to participate as a conversation partner in the Conversation Pairs program. A flyer used to advertise the program is appended. This is the 2nd year the Conversation Pairs program is offered to our International Students as part of the Clemson University International Student Teaching Assistant (ITA) program. Conversation Pairs is offered both as a standalone program or as part of a course entitled “Advancing English for Teaching” offered by Jennifer Brondell in the Office of Global Engagement’s English Language Programs. Students are recommended or required to participate in the Conversation Pairs Program at least one semester given their score on the VEST test. Since mentoring in the Conversation Pairs program serves to fulfill an academic requirement for some students, the faculty mentoring service is reported in the Emeritus College Annual Report to the University. Finally Emeritus faculty have the talent and experience to be very effective mentors for international graduate students.

    While the number varies each year, currently 18 students who need to enroll in the Conversation Pairs program based on their VEST test score. The conversation partner’s goal is to help students overcome their shortcomings in their English communication. This will vary from year to year and student to student. But this year the primary work for the conversation partner’s will be to help the students improve their pronunciation so that their speech is easier to understand. Some students will also need to improve their fluency.

    We hope that you will consider volunteering as a conversational partner of an international student and look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to volunteer, just e-mail Adolph Beyerlein, Chair of the Emeritus College Language Skills Committee at albrl@g.clemson.edu or Jennifer Brondell at jbronde@clemson.edu.

  • Emeritus Parking Decal

    Parking decals for the current academic year should be ordered by mid-June to ensure uninterrupted parking privileges; however, the decal may be requested anytime throughout the year. Click here to download the emeritus parking application. Mail the application to Parking Services (address in upper left corner); please do not email or hand deliver the form. The decal will be mailed to your home address.

  • Emeritus College Gallery

    Who would have imagined a world-class art gallery in the heart of Clemson’s CAT Building in Pendleton? Currently, the Emeritus College walls display 22 works by seven artists with more to come. Read more about the gallery on the Emeritus College blog!

Emeritus College News and Events

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