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COVID-19 Pandemic-Specific TPR Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges, disruptions and adjustments for faculty, both personally and professionally. University leaders understand the challenges and concerns of faculty regarding the impact of the pandemic on their reviews, tenure and promotion paths. Two of the faculty affairs actions related to TPR during the pandemic are tenure probationary period extensions and the faculty impact statement. Both of these are described below this note.

Please send questions about the process to (Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs)

Tenure clock extension requests

All tenure-track faculty hired prior to July 1, 2020 who enter their penultimate year after the 2020-2021 academic year are eligible to request a one-year extension in their tenure clock. Please refer to these two documents: 

Faculty impact statements

All faculty under annual review must submit a pandemic impact statement (described in the document below, specifically the Impact statement document and Appendix C). For information about the impact statement's development, see the faculty reviews task force report, which includes the development and communication plan for the pandemic impact statement.

Please refer to these four documents:

Where does the impact statement go in DigitalMeasures? 

  1. Annual Review workflow: in Workflow, under the Annual Activity Report upload window, you will see the following (note "Any other files requested, including Pandemic Impact Statements").

  2. Faculty under tenure, promotion and/or reappointment review, the TPR workflow: Faculty will upload their pandemic impact statement for 2020-2021 in the Top Achievements section of the TPR Workflow.  

TPR Resources

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DigitalMeasures - Faculty Activity Reporting, Annual Review and Tenure Processes

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Manually Entering Graduate Student Advising - documenting advising when students have not filed GS2 - posted March 12, 2021

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Resource Materials for Tenure and Promotion Candidates


Resource Materials for Tenure and Promotion Reviewers

External Evaluators Request Template Letter - Updated February 20, 2020

(Archive access of previous system) - eTPR Notebook for Tenure, Promotion, Reappointment or Post-Tenure Review

eTPR Notebook
Departmental Bylaws and TPR Guidelines

Departmental Guidelines

Departmental Bylaws and TPR Guidelines

Faculty Rank Promotion Increase Amounts

Dates Established
Prior to 2013 2013 2015 2018
Professor $8,000 12% 12% 12%
Associate Professor $5,000 10% 10% 10%
Senior Lecturer $ - 0% 5% 5%
Principal Lecturer n/a* n/a* n/a* 8%

Annual Evaluation

Faculty Activity System - Legacy Resource

FAS Website
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Faculty Annual Review: eForm3 (Legacy Resource)


Extension of the Probationary Period

  • Birth or placement of a child
    • Probationary faculty may receive up to two automatic one-year extensions of the tenure decision for the birth or placement of a child during their probationary period; however, additional written requests may be submitted to the department chair and granted upon approval of the TPR committee, department chair, dean and Provost.
    • These requests must be submitted to the department chair. If the request for an extension is received between six months before and one year after the date of birth or placement of a child, it is automatically granted, with timely written notification to the Provost and the probationary faculty member by the department chair.
  • Serious illness, family tragedy or other special circumstances
    • Request for an extension of the probationary period at the request of a faculty member for serious illness, family tragedy or other special circumstances may be submitted to the department chair and granted upon the approval of the TPR committee, department chair, dean and Provost.
  • Extensions of the probationary period for any reason can only come at the request of the faculty member as long as the faculty member is capable of making the request.
    • Exceptional circumstances can arise that make it impossible for the faculty member to request the extension of the probationary period prior to the faculty member’s penultimate year.
    • In only such extreme cases, the Provost may choose to extend the probationary period without consulting the incapacitated faculty member with the approval of the department chair, dean, and TPR. This extension shall be conveyed in writing to the faculty member.