Regulatory Services of South Carolina

Regulatory Services protects the state from exotic and invasive species, ensures that pesticides are used safely, regulates the structural pest control industry, verifies that fertilizer and lime meet standards and labeled guarantees, conducts programs for seed and organic certification, provides diagnosis of plant pests, and ensures readiness to respond to a catastrophic event impacting the state's agriculture.

Regulatory Review newsletter, November 2013

RPSP Fees and Penalties Assessed FY 2014-2015

Pest management professional licensing, pesticide applicator licensing, pesticide product registration, pesticide misuse investigations, analytical testing of pesticides.

The Department of Pesticide RegulationClemson University Department of Pesticide Regulation on Facebook
 - Pesticide Applicator Licensing
 - Product Registration
 - Pesticide Exam Information
 - Recertification Credits and Courses
 - Enforcement History

Nursery inspection, survey and eradication of invasive plant and pest species, fertilizer and lime regulation, seed and organic certification.

The Department of Plant Industry
 - Nursery Licensing
 - Invasive Species Program Clemson University Department of Pesticide Regulation on Facebook
 - Fertilizer and Seed Certification
 - Pest Alerts
 - Plant Problem Clinic
 - Organic Certification
 - Ag Service Lab (soil samples)

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