Office of Research


In compliance with federal regulations, the Clemson University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) requires that all faculty, staff and students involved in the use of animals in research and teaching programs at Clemson University complete appropriate training. To meet these training needs, web based, interactive animal care and use training modules have been developed for Clemson University faculty, staff and students. All individuals involved in animal use at Clemson University are required to complete one or more online training modules prior to working with animals.

The specific training areas mandated by the Animal Welfare Act and the PHS Policy are described in the training modules. The online courses are intended to meet all or part of the training requirements. Additional didactic and/or hands-on training may be required based on an individual’s role in research or teaching activities involving the use of animals.

Individuals must document adequate training prior to conducting procedures with animals. Investigators and research technicians who are not experienced with animal procedures required by the protocol must schedule individual training through the Office of Research Services. Veterinarians and animal care supervisors with skills and experience in performing specific procedures will provide training and provide the IACUC with an assessment of the individual qualifications.

University employees with occupational exposure to animals, animal tissue or waste, or human biohazards must enroll in the Medical Surveillance Program (MSP) and complete and document the appropriate training (Zoonotic or OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, or both.)