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Research Expertise Discovery Suite (REDS)

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The University's Research Expertise Discovery Suite (REDS) is an online portal that allows users to search for faculty with particular scholarly subject matter expertise and maps the related internal collaborative scholarly network between faculty. The portal is powered by data from Academic Analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions and additional contact information can be found on the Office of Institutional Effectiveness website.

Launch Research Expertise Discover Suite

Quick Tips:

  • Searching with multiple words, such as stellar lithium, will identify Clemson faculty associated with the titles and abstracts of books, articles, or conference proceedings containing stellar OR lithium
  • Use quotation marks to create an AND search (i.e. "stellar lithium"). More extensive information on search queries can be found here
  • When the collaboration map appears, click the "Collaboration Map Key" link in the top-left menu to view a legend for the map.
  • You can move the map in any direction by left-clicking the map, dragging, and dropping (similar Google Maps). You can zoom in or out by whatever means you use to scroll.

Academic Analytics is a supplier of data and analytics related to faculty research in recognized disciplinary fields. Beyond data, Academic Analytics allows custom comparisons of activity and productivity at the University, department, academic program, and faculty levels. Note: At the time of portal release, Clemson faculty included are those in the Academic Analytics 2014 dataset.