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Financial Support

What Financial Support is Available for Graduate Students?

Graduate students accepted into the Biological Sciences or Microbiology graduate programs are either awarded support through the Department of Biological Sciences as Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) or from individual Faculty Advisors' sponsored grant funds as Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs).

GTAs are awarded upon acceptance to the program and may be renewed annually based upon performance in teaching and satisfactory progress towards degree for up to 3 years for MS candidates and 5 years for PhD candidates.

As of August 2018, the stipend for 9-month GTAs (no teaching in summer) is $22,000. Annual GTA stipends may be supplemented by Faculty Advisors' grant funds. PhD students are paid $24,000/9-mo upon completion of the Comprehensive Exams.

GRAs are awarded by individual Faculty Advisors from funds available on research grants upon acceptance to the program. Individual stipend amounts and conditions of renewal are determined by the individual Faculty Advisor, but currently funded GRA stipends range from $22,000 - $26,000 depending upon status (MS or PhD) and tenure of student (years in program). GRA support is negotiated by prospective students with individual Faculty Advisors.

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Graduate School?

Graduate Student Assistants (GTA or GRA) at Clemson University receive tuition remission (Graduate Assistant Differential (GAD)) either through the University, the Department, or Sponsored Grant Funds. Graduate students are, however, responsible for paying graduate student fees each semester to cover library, recreational facility, athletic events, and other services.

  • These fees are general around $1100 per semester in Fall and Spring.
  • Fees can be paid during the semesters as payroll deduction and a portion will be removed from the first six paychecks of each semester.

Health Insurance is required for all graduate students and may be purchased through Clemson University. To partially offset some of the health insurance premium costs associated with this requirement, Clemson will provide all Graduate Assistants (GTA or GRA) who purchase health insurance from Clemson with an annual non-refundable, non-transferable health insurance subsidy. Graduate students who can document Health Insurance coverage with a private plan will not have to pay these fees. Current costs can be found under SHP Overview at 

Additional information can be found at Student Health Services: 

Other Financial Support Opportunities:

University Fellowships:

A limited number of University fellowships are available on a competitive basis.

Travel Awards:

The Biological Sciences Graduate Student Association (BSGSA) offers Travel Awards of up to $500 each, twice yearly to dues-paying members.

The Graduate Student Government (GSG) offers travel awards of up to $1000 and applications are taken three times a year: