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Frequently asked questions

When do I apply? 
You may apply at any time. There is no application deadline.

How do I apply? 
Online applications for graduate degree programs are on the Graduate Admissions website: For information about the program, click the Graduate Programs link and select Non-Thesis for Science Educators — Bio Science, Program Code MS-BIOS-1-AAC.

What do I need to apply? 
Admission to the program requires the following:

      • A suitable undergraduate education (you do not need an undergraduate degree in biology to be considered for admission).
      • Two letters of recommendation.
      • A resume.
      • Suitable GRE scores (GRE scores are not required for teachers with one or more years teaching experience).
      • A satisfactory TOEFL score (550 from paper exam, or 213 from online exam, or 80 from the internet exam, or 6.5 or higher on the IELTS test) is required for international students whose native language is not English.
      • $80 fee for MS-BIOS-1-AAC applicants, $60 fee for ND-AFLN-1 applicants, or a $90 fee for international applicants. Application fees are nonrefundable.

What happens after I apply? 
Once all application materials have been received by Graduate Admissions, your file will be forwarded to the Department of Biological Sciences. The Online Graduate Advisory Committee will determine whether candidates are competitive for admission into the Biological Sciences Online M.S. program. The entire process takes two to three weeks.

Using email: Email communications for the university go through your Clemson email address. You'll need to contact CCIT to set up your email once you've been accepted. If you do not use your Clemson email address, you may miss out on important information.

Connecting to Canvas, Clemson’s enhanced learning management system

      • Once you are in the Clemson email system and have a password and username, go to the Canvas home page:
      • Click on “Click here for more Duo Information” to set up a dual athentication process.
      • On the Canvas homepage, click “Sign in.”

Canvas Orientation


Ensemble is a lecture capture system. The system enables faculty to record audio, course visuals and optional video for students to review in digital format. This provides students with powerful tools that can be used to provide instruction that is entirely web based. Students will have the ability to seek forward or back in a presentation to particular segments of the captured session. The captures can be viewed via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari) and/or be downloaded to a computer or mobile device.

Graduation deadlines

University and Graduate School deadlines can be found on the deadlines page.

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