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Registration & Course Applications

Enrollment is limited to two courses per term with the exception of BIOL 8480. BIOL 8480 (described below) is offered each term. Students may enroll in BIOL 8480 and two other regularly scheduled courses this fall. Do not register for BIOL 8480 if you need the other courses offered this term (BIOL 8430, 8450, and 8470) since they will not be offered again until spring 2019.

For the spring 2018, we are offering the following four regularly scheduled courses listed below.

  • BIOL 8430 Understanding Genetics and Evolutionary Biology – This online course is for teachers who want to increase their content knowledge in the areas of genetics and evolution. The course will focus on Mendelian genetics, molecular genetics, gene expression and regulation, population genetics, forces of evolutionary change, and the role of evolutionary change in the origin of new species and the diversity of life. Co-instructors: Dr. Margaret Ptacek and Ms. Renea Hardwick
  • BIOL 8450 Understanding Animal Biology – This online course is designed for teachers and for those who want to increase their content knowledge about the taxonomy, morphology, adaptations, and evolution of vertebrates and invertebrates. Instructors: Dr. Matt Turnbull
  • BIOL 8470 Understanding Microbiology – This online course is designed for teachers and for those who want to increase their knowledge about microorganisms. Topics include prokaryotic cell structure and function, microbial growth and growth control, food microbiology, bacterial genetics, immunology, virology, microbial diseases, and epidemiology. Laboratory concepts will be emphasized. Instructor: Dr. Harry Kurtz
  • BIOL 8480 Understanding Scientific Research – Research problems for teachers in selected areas of biological sciences to provide an introduction to research planning and techniques. Teachers will undertake either an instructor approved, individual project or participate in a group creative inquiry project involving their classroom during the academic year. Both are assisted by and under the supervision of the instructor. Instructor note: BIOSC 8400 Understanding Biological Inquiry is recommended before enrolling in BIOL 8480 because BIOL 8400 covers experimental design and data analyses. 

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These four online courses run January 10 - May 4, 2018.

Online registration for the spring semester begins on November 7.

To register for Spring 2018, please click the link below:

Spring Registration 2018