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Departmental Research and Interests

Faculty Focus Areas

Faculty in the Department of Biological Sciences at Clemson are active in research that ranges from molecules to ecosystems. Their work is grouped into four focus areas:

See a more detailed description of graduate faculty research interests.

Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology 

      • J. Antonio Baeza
      • Sharon Bewick
      • Rick Blob
      • Barbara Campbell
      • Michael Childress
      • Saara DeWalt
      • Nora Espinoza
      • Matthew Koski 
      • Christopher Parkinson
      • Kara Powder
      • Samantha Price
      • Margaret Ptacek
      • Vincent Richards
      • Mike Sears
      • Peter van den Hurk
      • Yanzhang Wei


      • Barbara Campbell
      • Min Cao
      • Sourabh Dhingra
      • Zhicheng Dou
      • Vincent Gallicchio
      • Harry Kurtz
      • Charles Rice
      • Vincent Richards
      • Emily Rosowski
      • Krista Rudolph
      • Anna Seekatz
      • Lesly Temesvari
      • Matt Turnbull
      • Jeremy Tzeng
      • Yanzhang Wei
      • Kristi Whitehead

Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

      • Lisa Bain
      • Bill Baldwin
      • Barbara Campbell
      • Min Cao
      • Susan Chapman
      • Wen Chen
      • Zhicheng Dou
      • David Feliciano
      • Vincent Gallicchio
      • Julie George
      • Kara Powder
      • Emily Rosowski
      • Sam Sparace
      • Lesly Temesvari
      • Matt Turnbull
      • Jeremy Tzeng
      • Xianzhong Yu

Pedagogy and Instructional Biology

      • Virginia Abernathy
      • John Abercrombie
      • John Cummings
      • Renea Hardwick
      • Tafadzwa Kaisa
      • Cassie May
      • Tamara Mcnutt-Scott
      • Christine Minor
      • Kaustubha Qanungo
      • Nathan Redding
      • Krista Rudolph
      • Lisa Ruggiero Wagner
      • Donna Weinbrenner
      • Kristi Whitehead

Barbara Campbell and Michael Childress' research, teaching and outreach efforts playing critical role in understanding and communicating the importance of healthy oceans

Yanzhang (Charlie) Wei publishes research in PLUS ONE that finds a bifunctional fusion protein increases PRLR-positive breast cancer cell death in co-culture with natural killer cells

Chris Minor receives Excellence in Teaching Award and Kara Powder receives Excellence in Student Engagement Award

Julia George publishes paper in Nature updating effort to produce high-quality genome sequences for 72,000 vertebrate species

Chris Parkinson's genetic research on highly venomous Tiger Rattlesnakes breaks new ground

Lisa Bain receives NIEHS R15 grant to continue research examining how arsenic affects adult intestinal stem cells

Barbara Campbell awarded $2.5 million from NSF to study mechanisms of ecosystem health

Michael Childress takes new approach to deliver marine conservation awareness message

Bill Baldwin receives NIH grant to explore the interactions of diet and toxicity on obesity

Antonio Baeza receives NOAA grant to research parasitic worm impacting spiny lobster populations, the environment and fishery

Vince Richards named Junior Researcher of the Year

David Feliciano's DOD grant to explore developmental disorder that causes tumors in the body and brain

Bill Baldwin, Lisa Bain, Charlie Rice and Peter van den Hurk publish PRIMO20 review in Aquatic Toxicology

Sharon Bewick designs COVID-19 online tool to estimate risk on college campuses

Kara Powder NIH R15 grant to study genetics behind facial development

Zhicheng Dou receives $1.85 million NIH R01 collaborative grant to combat widespread parasitic disease

Matt Koski receives NSF grant to study how flowers adapt to heat and cold

$1.7 million NSF CAREER award to Kara Powder to investigate gene regulatory elements that determine craniofacial development and evolution

Saara DeWalt's research on species-rich forest featured in Science

Lesly Temesvari receives Alumni Award for Outstanding Achievements in Research

Zhicheng Dou’s collaborative research published in PLOS Pathogens

Bill Baldwin's NIH grant research ties metabolic enzyme to obesity and fatty liver disease - published in Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry

Mike Sears' research explains how salamanders harness regeneration to buffer themselves from climate change - published in Nature Communications

EPIC researchers gain ground in the race to cure widespread parasitic infection

Vincent Richards' genomic migration analysis shows antibiotic resistance moving from humans to animals - published in Molecular Biology and Evolution

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