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The Department of Biological Sciences at Clemson University advances knowledge in biology and microbiology through discovery, learning, and engagement with the community. Our remarkable faculty and students address all levels of biological study from molecules to ecosystems. We study how organisms reproduce, develop, and combat disease – from the smallest of microbes to the largest of mammals. Our work provides the foundation for discoveries that extend life and maintain the health of our planet.

Through philanthropic gifts to our department, you allow us to keep our research and teaching facilities up-to-date, recruit and retain excellent and diverse faculty and students, develop biological literacy in the community and broader society, support new discovery and learning initiatives, and create a welcoming and accepting environment for all. Your support also helps provide inquiry-based experiences for our students, send students to research field sites and conferences where they conduct and communicate their research, bring hands-on learning activities to the community, and so much more.

We hope you will support our commitment to all Tigers who pass through our doors.

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Opportunities for Giving

Biological Sciences Excellence Fund

Our highest priority is to build this foundation account to support excellence in the research, teaching and community engagement missions of the Department of Biological Sciences.

Recently, we have supported student and faculty travel to research field sites and conferences where they conduct and communicate their research, top scientists from around the world to come to Clemson to present and discuss their research findings, undergraduate and graduate student awards for excellence, and events to celebrate accomplishments.

Microbiology Excellence Fund

This account allows us to support excellence in the research, teaching and community engagement of our faculty and students engaged in studying microbiology. 

Friends of the Museum of Natural History

This account supports the operation and enhancements to the Department of Biological Sciences’ Bob and Betsy Campbell Museum of Natural History.  The museum contains over 25,000 mammal, bird, amphibian, reptile, and fish specimens, as well as a plethora of taxidermy mounts and articulated skeletons from around the world. Driven by a passion to engage and educate the community, our smalllogo of museum but extraordinary museum offers personalized behind-the-scenes guided tours in addition to off-campus outreach activities designed to instill a sense of respect and understanding of the natural world.  

The Bob & Betsy Campbell Museum of Natural History also houses the Clemson University Herbarium and this fund supports enhancements and preservation of one of the largest plant collections in South Carolina and the extensive collection of local, regional, and worldwide floras.  The herbarium is maintained for research and education and is available to all Clemson University users as well as researchers from around the world.   

Hap WheelerDr. Alfred P. Wheeler Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship, named for Dr. “Hap” Wheeler, provides scholarships for undergraduate students majoring in Biological Sciences within the College of Science. Dr. Wheeler served as Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences from 2002 to 2013 and was a member of the faculty for 38 years. 

klaine-steve.jpgDr. Stephen Klaine Annual Memorial Fellowship

Dr. Klaine was a Professor of Biological Sciences with a PhD in Environmental Toxicology.  He was an internationally acclaimed scientist with many friends and colleagues around the globe.  Dr. Klaine’s number one, most-valued legacy is teaching, which was embodied in the development of 40 Doctoral students and 45 Masters students.  His legacy will carry on and he will be missed by all. This fund will honor the memory of Dr. Klaine by awarding fellowships to graduate students enrolled or enrolling in the Environmental Toxicology graduate program.  

Clemson Physicians Scholarship Endowment

This fund supports rising junior students who have identified medical school for their future educational plans.  Thanks to many alumni physicians, select students will be supported through their undergraduate education on their way to become a professional health provider.

Other Gift Options

If you do not see your choice of fund listed here, please contact Julie Tovey at for more information, or visit this page for searchable options. 

Gift in Kind

A Gift in Kind (GIK) gift is a non-monetary gift. These may include a company’s product, or other business asset. Individuals may make in-kind gifts such as equipment, land, buildings, and supplies that can be used by the University. All gifts received by the University that are not cash or cash equivalents are considered GIK. GIK do not include cash gifts, gifts made by check or credit card, or items such as stocks and bonds that can readily be converted to cash.

Clemson employees may also donate a Gift In Kind to the University and receive a gift acknowledgment. See Employee Resources for instructions and the form.

For more information about the GIK process and requirements, contact Julie Tovey, Science Development Director, at 864-345-5962 or