Student Org Resources

Looking to host an on-campus meeting or event for your organization? Registered Student Organizations receive a 100% discount on all Campus Reservations & Events venues (excluding The Barnes Center) as well as a 100% discount on the following equipment:

Hendrix Student Center
Hendrix Student Center
Space Rental 1 LCD Projector w/ screen 1 Dry Erase / Flip Chart Stand
Tables/Chairs in Inventory 1 Laptop Staffing during Building Hours
House Sound (2 inputs) 1 Podium 2 Easels
1 Stage Panel (4x8)

Memorial Auditorium
Memorial Auditorium
Space Rental 1 LCD Projector w/ screen 1 Dry Erase / Flip Chart Stand
Tables/Chairs in Inventory 1 Laptop 2 Staff x 4 hours
House Sound (4 inputs) 1 Podium 2 Easels

Outdoor Venues
Outdoor Venues
Space Rental 10 Chairs Max Basic Portable Sound (2 inputs)
5 Tables Max 4 Hours Total Staffing

Barnes Center
Barnes Center
$30/hr with 2 hour minimum Connection to 6 TV monitors House sound with (1) mic
Default Setup: (12) low tables & (5) high top tables with 4 chairs each, (9) 2-person couches, (6) side chairs, (2) 8’ tables
Please note, any changes to default setup may incur setup fee.

Click here to view billing rates for our full inventory.

Need more information on the perks of becoming a Registered Student Organization? Check out the Center for Student Leadership & Engagement’s website to get started!




• All equipment requests must not exceed capacities set by fire code.

• RSOs will not be charged for equipment as noted above, provided that the equipment is in inventory and does not require a designated technician.

• CR&E reserves the right to set the appropriate level of staffing in order to ensure a high level of guest services and safety.

• Standard billing rates and/or actual rental rates will be charged for anything not listed above and/or not in inventory.

• If an event requires costs to be billed to CR&E, such as event security, cleaning, work orders or CUPD, those charges will be billed to the RSO at cost.

• A deposit may be required in order to secure services and/or inventory from event partners or third-party vendors.



CR&E reserves the right to evaluate reservations and designate them as “Special Event” or “Major Event”. This may apply to reservations that are complex, have contracted speakers/performers, have bands with multiple instrument/vocal needs, require extensive or specialized staffing, require specialty equipment, and/or for safety and security reasons.

• “Special Events”, “Major Events” and Outdoor Events that require more than the basic event services stated above will be billed according the standard billing rates for additional equipment and staffing.

• Reservations that are confirmed within 2 weeks of the reservation date or that require extensive changes within 2 weeks of the reservation date may be designated “Special Event” as they require altering set inventory and staff schedules.

• MOVIES: United States Copyright Laws apply to any movie shown, and you will need to purchase the appropriate license to show any film on campus. (Note: Checking out a movie at the library does not constitute the purchase of a movie license.)