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Off-Campus Student Services:


I am Kimberly Poole, assistant dean of students at Clemson University. As the assistant dean, I have the pleasure of serving as a primary liaison for students who are living off-campus. I hope that you have a terrific academic year, and if you ever need anything, please feel free to contact me at 864-656-0935 or poole6@clemson.edu. The Dean of Students Office is here to help with your needs both on and off campus. Please email, call, or come by our office located in 202 Hendrix Student Center with any questions or concerns. If it is after hours or in case of an emergency, please contact the Clemson University Police Department at 864-656-2222 or call 911.

Below you will find useful information for you on and off-campus needs.

Have a terrific year and Go Tigers!


Just because you live off campus doesn't mean you can't use the on-campus resources!

Living off-campus can be an exciting time in your life. As you enjoy the independence that this living arrangement brings, remember that you are still a Clemson University student and we want you to be able to enjoy the experiences of being a student by remaining engaged in the campus community, enjoying academic success, and being safe and healthy.

Whether this is your first semester living off campus, or you’ve been at it for a while, there are some important things that the Dean of Students Office wants you to keep in mind.

Best friends or acquaintances can make great roommates, but communication is key. At the beginning of each semester you and your roommate(s) can sit down together and develop a roommate agreement and/or develop house rules. This contract can include information about preferences for studying, visitors and overnight guests, paying bills, and cleaning. Most importantly, roommates should respect each other and personal property. Develop a communication plan on how to address issues and concerns that may arise.

Being a student has many components. A primary role is academics. Once you are at your off-campus living space, you are not excluded from using the services provided by the Academic Success Center, Student Disability Services, Cooper Library, and all of the resources offered by your academic department. If you are experiencing academic challenges, reach out and get help and support. Clemson cares about your academic success.

Even though you are living off-campus, you continue to have access to university services such as clubs, organizations, and intramural sports. After classes are done for the day, don’t always go back to your off-campus home and do nothing. Stay involved. The Gantt Center for Student Life has a listing of over 400 clubs and student organizations that you can consider joining. You can also connect with peers living on-campus or get together a team of off-campus peers and form an intramural team. Campus Recreation, with locations at Fike Recreation Center and Clemson Beach, has many options to stay active and engaged.

When living off-campus, consider ways to make use of short breaks between classes or meetings. Some things to consider are getting ahead on assignments and studying, having a healthy meal or snack, exercise, face-to-face social interactions, and meetings with professors or advisors.

Having a car can be a huge convenience, but make sure that you factor in time for parking and then walking to class. It is also essential that you purchase a parking permit through Clemson University Parking and Transportation Services. Or, consider becoming familiar with the CAT Bus and Greenlink routes to ease your commute. Tiger Transit is an important option when considering transportation and safety.

When living off-campus, especially if you have chosen not to have a meal plan, consider options for cooking or alternatives for healthy meals. You may contact Clemson University Dining Services to review and add a meal plan if you do not have one. It may seem strange to set a bedtime, but you do need to consider a routine that allows for adequate rest and sleep. These things are important to maintain daily functioning and to support academic success. If you are not feeling well physically or psychologically, make use of the services available to you at Redfern Health Center. There you can see a medical provider or a mental health provider as needed. If you are concerned about another student, you can use the CARE Network to initiate outreach to this student. It there are immediate safety concerns, please call 864-656-2222 or 911.

College is a time for new adventures and personal growth. While doing these things safety must remain a consideration. Whether taking the step to lock your door, knowing who you’re spending time with, or knowing how to access emergency services, your safety is essential to your well-being. Make sure to save important telephone numbers in your phone, including your roommate, close friends, emergency contacts, the local police department, and Clemson University Police Department’s non-emergency telephone number (864-656-2222). Be prepared to call 911 if needed. Don’t forget to sign up for CU Safe Alerts to remain abreast of any campus-wide safety concerns. You can also download the my.Clemson app.

Though not always interesting things to talk about, living off-campus means learning to budget your money to ensure that all bills are paid and that you have money for food, household essentials, gas, and some social activities. Even if your parents or someone else is paying your rent, there are still things to consider for day-to-day living, so create a realistic budget and stick to it! This sample budget planner can help get you started - http://www.clemson.edu/financial-aid/costs/COA.html

Make sure that you know the resources available to you through your off-campus property owner. It is critical that you know the details of the lease you signed and consequences for not following the content of this contract. There could be financial and legal implications. If you have not already done so, take time now to go and review your lease.

The Dean of Students Office wants ALL of our student to have a productive, safe, and pleasurable experience at Clemson University. We are working to create the nation’s most engaged, satisfied, and successful student body!

Email us at poole6@clemson.edu or call at 864-656-0935.