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Disability Services

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Student Disability Services (SDS) works with students to provide access to accommodations that will enhance academic success. SDS has many services than can help student veterans. Typical accommodations include using extra time and reduced distraction environments for tests, early registration, digital books, captioning/interpreting services, class notes and other accommodations prescribed by the student’s documentation. SDS staff members understand that student veterans’ needs are unique, and we are ready to discuss these needs to determine appropriate accommodations.

 Because of military service, student veterans may

  • experience residual effects from physical and mental injuries,
  • believe that individuals in the University setting don’t understand or can’t comprehend the nature of  their needs,
  • feel that seeking accommodations is paramount to not taking responsibility.

SDS can assist students with social, emotional and academic issues as the student veteran returns to the civilian community.

Please contact SDS to speak with a Disability Specialist by visiting or contacting:

Arlene Stewart, Director
864- 656-6848