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Department of Community and Corporate Engagement | Division of Student Affairs | Clemson University

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Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs Sponsorship Program

Part of Clemson Sports & Campus Marketing

We are excited that you are considering sponsorship opportunities within the Division of Student Affairs. The Division of Student Affairs is a preeminent, student-centered community that creates supportive and inclusive environments to prepare and empower students to make a difference as global citizens.


We have numerous opportunities for impactful interaction with students, staff and faculty across campus, from orientation to graduation, and everything in between, all which can be incorporated into a Total Campus Marketing partnership that aligns with Clemson University’s Mission and Vision and our strategic plan, Clemson Forward. In addition, we encourage and support those programs that map to our strategic plan through monetary and/or gift in kind support from the Division of Student Affairs.


 The sponsorship office of the Division of Student Affairs serves three functions:


  1. Assist Total Campus Marketing to develop a comprehensive campus strategy to create corporate partnerships that support the Clemson Experience for our students, faculty and staff

  2. Identify and facilitate execution of commercial activity within Student Affairs that are mutually beneficial to our partners and the university

  3. Coordinate and facilitate distribution of sponsorship revenue to support Student Affairs core operations and university wide initiatives in alignment with the Clemson Forward Initiative

We hope you will explore what we have to offer and become part of the Clemson family!


Questions? Please contact Kryssa Cooper at 864-656-9726, or kryssac@clemson.edu.