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Requesting Sponsorship from the Division of Student Affairs


The Division of Student Affairs has a rich history of supporting programs that contribute to the Clemson experience for our students and the community at large. To accomplish this, we have a sponsorship program set up within the Division of Student Affairs to fund initiatives that support the core operations of Student Affairs, and to those that need financial support to achieve goals set forth by the Clemson Forward initiative.


To receive consideration for funding, gift-in-kind donations, or reduced rates from any department within Student Affairs please fill out the following form. This form can be used by entities outside of Clemson University, departments within Clemson University, and other student led organizations and initiatives.


Please provide your purpose, goals, supporting budget and alternative sponsorship information.

Thoughtful consideration will be given to all requests at the highest level.

Questions? Please contact Kryssa Cooper at 864-656-9726, or kryssac@clemson.edu.