Academic Probation Advising

A student is placed on academic probation at the end of any semester or summer session when his or her cumulative GPR falls below a 2.0.

Academic probation is meant to be an early warning system that a student is not making satisfactory progress toward graduation, and may be (but is not automatically) subject to suspension or dismissal at a future date. See Academic Eligibility Criteria.

Advising Probation Students

By accessing the SCEP (Show Continuing Enrollment Policy) screen on the Student Database, advisors can inform a student on probation of the semester GPR needed to meet continuing enrollment requirements and the GPR to get off probation. (The two GPRs are not always the same.) This information should be used to start a discussion of the consequences of academic probation. Quality advising can help a student assess causes for poor performance as well as strategies for improvement. The information is specific to the individual student and is automatically updated as a student drops or adds classes. Always ask about financial aid and refer the student to that office in G-01 Sikes Hall for more specific information regarding an individual’s situation.

Notice of Academic Probation

A notice of academic probation is placed on the student’s grade report for each applicable enrollment period. The notice is removed when a student is no longer on probation.

All students on academic probation are mailed grade reports even though the university discontinued mailing grade reports to all students. Grade reports are sent to the student’s home address in the university database. Advisors can confirm the home address with the student by using the SADR (Show Address) screen on the Student Database.