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Course Transfer Information

Clemson accepts several different college credits that students earn before arriving on our campus — including IB and AP credits. We also work to make the process of transferring into the University as seamless as possible.

The evaluation of academic credits from other institutions is processed through the Office of Admissions. Final approval for use of these credits in your degree program is determined by your major adviser at Transfer Orientation.

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Transferring Credit Hours

Only credits transfer to your Clemson transcript, not grades. Therefore, you will enter Clemson without a grade point ratio. Your class standing will be determined by the number of credit hours transferred when you enroll.

Class Standing Credit Hours
Freshman 0-29
Sophomore 30-59
Junior 60-89
Senior 90+
Generally, transfer credits are applicable toward degree requirements if the courses taken are:
  • Earned at a school accredited by a regional accreditation association, such as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
  • Similar in description to the corresponding course at Clemson.
  • Required or permitted as an elective in a student’s curriculum.
  • Graded at least one letter grade above minimum passing mark, usually a C or better.
  • Not a duplication of credits already earned.

Note: No course taken at a nonbaccalaureate degree institution may be used as an equivalent or substitute for any 3000- or 4000-level Clemson course.

If you have specific questions regarding your major at Clemson, you may communicate with a faculty adviser by choosing the adviser contact by major.

Transfer Course Equivalency List

The Transfer Course Equivalency List (TCEL) is a database containing the Clemson University course equivalencies for approximately 1,200 accredited colleges and universities nationwide. Course equivalencies are evaluated through the Office of Admissions.

The TCEL represents courses that have transferred credit to Clemson before.

The TCEL is not comprehensive. Please be advised that the TCEL is only a history of how courses have transferred to Clemson, and it does not represent a comprehensive list of transferable coursework for any school. If there is a course you have previously taken that is not showing up on the TCEL, the course will have to be evaluated once you apply and are admitted to Clemson. The listing for each college shows course equivalencies only and does not reflect any differences in credit hours between institutions.

The TCEL is regularly updated by the Office of Admissions.

The TCEL is subject to edits by the Office of Admissions. It is a living document to which changes are continually being made. Evaluations for transfer credit by the Office of Admissions are based upon the best available information at the time. Revisions to a course evaluation may be made based on receipt of new information.

Visit the Clemson TCEL

How a transfer course is evaluated

Your transfer course will be evaluated as a direct Clemson equivalent or as elective credit.

Credit that has been evaluated as elective credit will be posted at ELEC 0001.
Subject-area electives will be posted as 1999, 2999, 3999 or 4999 credit.

Courses that do not have direct Clemson University equivalencies (e.g., ELEC 0001 or SOC 3999) may possibly be substituted for required courses in your degree program with approval by your major adviser. A course substitution form may be completed at that time if your major adviser approves. Substitutions of courses are processed through the Office of Enrolled Student Services.

If you have a question about how a course has been evaluated, you may see the department responsible for teaching that course after enrolling at Clemson. A course syllabus may be necessary for further review.

The following abbreviations are used when a course does not have a direct Clemson equivalency:

NCT 0001 = 
Not College Transferable
ELEC 0001 = 
Free elective credit
1999, 2999, 3999 or 4999 = 
Subject-area elective

AP and IB Credit

As a nationally ranked research university, Clemson welcomes students with AP, IB and transfer credit. The University recognizes the academic value of earning college credits before even setting foot on campus, and we encourage students with credits to apply and transfer to Clemson.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Clemson University strongly endorses the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) Program and consistently ranks among the top colleges and universities in the nation in the number of students reporting AP grades. Students who have participated in AP are attracted by, and in turn contribute to, the superior academic environment at Clemson. Clemson University credit is awarded for grades of 3, 4 or 5 on AP examinations.

Use our Credits Awarded Chart (PDF) to see how many credit hours your AP class will garner here at Clemson and what grade it will take to get the credit.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Clemson University recognizes the academic challenges of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and encourages students with IB class experience to apply for admission. IB graduates who score well on their higher-level exams will be awarded college credit as outlined in the IB credit chart (PDF). Please be sure to include your IB candidate number in the space provided on the Clemson application.

Taking Credits at a South Carolina Technical College

Our Advanced Standing Guide (PDF) provides you with a list of university transfer courses that may be taken at any of the South Carolina technical colleges. Please follow the curriculum outline in Clemson’s Undergraduate Catalog for the degree program that you plan to pursue at Clemson University, and take the equivalent courses as listed in the back of the Advanced Standing Guide (PDF).

Students who are not sure which South Carolina college or university they would like to attend after their initial coursework at a South Carolina technical college should also consult the Advanced Standing Guide (PDF). Depending on the student’s chosen major, some courses may not be applicable toward graduation requirements. Contact the Office of Admissions for information.

Once You're Admitted — Viewing Transfer Credits

Accepted students with transferring credits from another institution, AP/IB credit and dual-enrollment credit will be able to view transfer credits through the iROAR Web portal. In order to access the transfer credit summary, you will need your Clemson University ID and password. You may want to print a copy of your transfer credit summary for your records.

It is recommended to bring a copy of the transfer credit summary when attending Orientation at Clemson. If you are still enrolled in classes, your current courses will be added when we receive your official transcript. The Office of Admissions must receive final transcripts from each college you have attended before your enrollment at Clemson.

If you have received a “Satisfactory” or “Passing” grade for prior coursework and the grade is not reflected on your transcript, you will need to have an official statement from the registrar’s office of the institution you attended stating that the “S” or “P” grade is equivalent to a C or better in order to receive credit for the coursework. Clemson accepts courses for transfer only if earned with a grade of C or better.