About Global Engagement

Where We Are

Clemson University’s global presence is shaped by hosting international students, scholars and faculty, sending faculty and students abroad, and by partnering with institutions in other regions and countries. These global activities take Clemson University into communities, institutions and even homes around the globe. Explore our global presence by country in the Clemson University Global Activity Database. This searchable database is constantly growing as we work to include information regarding all international activities including degrees held by faculty and graduate students from overseas institutions, research projects, international partnerships and global programs.

What We Do

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Office of Global Engagement is to coordinate and articulate global initiatives, programs and services that help prepare students for careers in the new economy, increase the university’s competitiveness in the international research arena, and challenge students to think deeply about current issues within a global context.

Through key global partnerships and other initiatives, our goals are to:

  • Continue steadily increasing the number of students involved in international study, internships, service learning, and research.
  • Recruit and retain promising students and faculty from around the United States and the world to study and teach at Clemson.
  • Ensure the development of an internationally competitive and globally aware work force.
  • Promote diversity and global awareness.
  • Support international research and economic development.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and support as we work to carry out our mission and meet these goals along with the entire Clemson campus community. Please contact us if you have comments or suggestions or if we can be of service.

Facts and Figures

Please see the PDFs for an overview of International Enrollment and Study Abroad statistics at Clemson University.

OGE Overview

Who We Are

Office of the Vice Provost of Global Engagement

The Office of the Vice Provost of Global Engagement reports directly to the Provost for Academic Affairs. We support overall campus internationalization as well as global activities and relationships through the provision of operational and administrative support. We work with Clemson faculty and staff across the colleges and departments to develop strategic global initiatives.

Name: Sharon Nagy, Ph.D.
Official University Title: Vice Provost for Global Engagement
More Descriptive Title: Senior International Officer
Who should contact me: Academic and Administrative Leaders across Campus, Potential Overseas and Community Partners, and anyone with a question that cannot be addressed by any of the other OGE leaders.
What can I do for you: I can help you operationalize your international aspirations. Are you looking for ways to provide more opportunities for Clemson students to learn about and engage the world? Do you have a suggestion for an overseas initiative, or a project that engages multiple entities around the world? I can help you strategize, identify best practices, assist with coordinating all stakeholders and help you navigate relevant university policies or compliance issues.

Name: Gloria Freeman
Official University Title: Administrative Coordinator
More Descriptive Title: Executive Assistant/Human Resources Liaison/OGE Lynchpin
Who should contact me: Administrators, faculty, staff, and graduate assistants
What can I do for you: Most importantly, I can direct you to the appropriate office or person for all international activities. More specifically, I provide administrative support for the vice provost for Global Engagement as well as the committees and task forces working on international initiatives. I also provide administrative support to the Internationalization Advisory Council, International Programs Coordination Committee, as well as financial management for the vice provost, recruitment, and staff and student personnel.

Name: Ralph Herden
Official University Title: Fiscal Manager
More Descriptive Title: Financial Info Provider
Who should contact me: Faculty, staff, and administrators
What can I do for you: Help you with developing study abroad budgets, talk about the financial side of study abroad including funding, assist with approval process if there’s only one vendor (writing a sole source justification), talk about the payment process including vendor set & W-8’s, answer questions about interdepartmental charges (IDO), recap program revenue and expenses. In general, answer most financial questions.

Name: Sue Wasik
Official University Title: Fiscal Technician II
More Descriptive Title: Financial Help Person
Who should contact me: Faculty, staff, students, and administrators
What can I do for you: Tell you if your Authorization for Foreign Travel has been approved, let you know if your expense report has been processed, instruct you with travel advance or a Pay Card (preloaded debit card) for study abroad trips, tell you if vendor bills have been paid, answer general accounts payable questions, inform you about IDO’s charges for visas (permits to enter the U.S.), issue refunds to students for application fees, & answer other questions relating to expenses for study abroad programs.

Global Parternships & Initiatives

Global Partnerships & Initiatives connects Clemson University in partnership and collaboration with institutions, corporations and organizations from all over the globe. The office works to enhance the University’s global engagement through the development of activities, programs, exchanges and events that foster global awareness, knowledge and understanding among faculty, staff, and students.

Name: Didier Rousselière
Official University Title: Director of Global Partnerships & Initiatives
More Descriptive Title: Your partner for strategic global engagement
Who should contact me: Faculty, staff, and administrative units
What can I do for you: I can assist you in designing and developing global relationships that produce opportunities for enhanced curriculum content, student mobility and experiential learning, research, innovation, and overall economic impact. I will support you to create frameworks, design programs and draft the documents (MOU, Student Exchange agreement, etc.) that you will need to make your global engagement successful and help you reach your goals.

International Services

International Services provides immigration and visa services to the international student and scholar populations from over 125 countries and provides programming to foster the cultural and academic integration of our international students and visitors.

Tina Rousselot de Saint Céran is the Director of the Office of International Services at Clemson University overseeing the F and J student and scholar advising and support processes. Ms. Rousselot deSaint Céran serves as a national trainer on international student and scholar immigration issues with the NAFSA Trainer Corps and is 2014 South Carolina State Representative for international student and scholar services. Ms. Rousselot de Saint Céran has lived, worked, and studied in four continents and earned her B.A. in Spanish at Austin Peay State University, Tennessee in 2006. Ms. Rousselot has served as the PI for multiple diversity grants and enjoys creating opportunities for international and U.S. students and scholars to connect and dialogue on important issues. In her free time, Ms. Rousselot de Saint Céran enjoys reading, music, culinary arts, and spending quality time with her family.

Phyllis Lawless is the Administrative Assistant for the Office of International Services at Clemson University and serves as the first point of contact for F and J international students and scholars with questions about processes and procedures. Ms. Lawless began working at Clemson University in 2009. Ms. Lawless enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with her husband during her free time.

Taylor Rigot is an International Services Advisor in the Office of International Services at Clemson University. Mr. Rigot began working at Clemson in 2016 after a change in careers to the field of International Education. His passion for travel and working with students led him to this position as he currently advises F-1 students. Mr. Rigot enjoys reading, scuba diving, playing ultimate frisbee, and traveling with his wife and dog.

International Undergraduate Programs & Exchanges

International Undergraduate Programs & Exchanges provides operational support to udergraduate students participating in outgoing international exchange programs, as well as incoming international undergraduate students.

Name: Mandy Prorok
Official University Title: Associate Director of International Undergraduate Programs & Exchanges
More Descriptive Title: International Undergraduate Exchange Programs Manager
Who should contact me: International exchange (non-degree) students studying at Clemson; Clemson students interested in exchange programs abroad; International Partner Institutions; Faculty and Staff
What can I do for you: I am the primary point of contact for Clemson students participating in Exchange programs abroad (from initial advising to return). I am also the primary coordinator for incoming international Exchange students, as well as other non-degree undergraduate international students. Related to all the above, I am the point of contact for both students and administrative units regarding Exchange program admission, enrollment, financial aid, housing, insurance, orientation, etc. I can also help faculty and staff with the creation, maintenance, marketing and facilitation of Exchange programs, including 2 + 2 models.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad provides operational support to student engagement programs outside of the US, working with faculty to develop opportunities for overseas programs and helping to find programs appropriate to their academic and career goals.

Dr. Uttiyo Raychaudhuri joined Clemson in March 2013 to lead the Office of Study Abroad. Raychaudhuri has been working to expand the global engagement opportunities for students and to provide administrative support to colleges and departments as they expand their international programs. Previously Dr. Raychaudhuri was at the University of Georgia where he was the associate director of Global Programs in the Sustainability Office. Raychaudhuri earned a Ph.D. in forestry and natural resources from the University of Georgia and a master’s degree in education from University of Georgia, with earlier experience in environmentally intelligent design and architecture. Throughout his varied career, he has actively promoted the cause of inter-cultural competence and environmental stewardships. A native of India, Raychaudhuri lives in Anderson, SC with his wife and two children.

Jessica Mussro is the Administrative/Program assistant for Clemson Study Abroad. She manages Clemson’s application process, performs initial advising, and coordinates course transferal. Jessica earned her undergraduate degree in international development in 2010; she has lived and studied in the Middle East and it remains her region of interest for study abroad, research, and current events.

Mandy Prorok joined the Office of Global Engagement as the Associate Director for International Undergraduate Programs & Exchange in March 2016.  The particular focus of this position is the management of Exchange programs, including incoming and outgoing student mobility and agreements.  Originally from Iowa/Minnesota, Mandy comes to Clemson University with 15 years of experience in the field of International Education working for both private companies and higher education institutions.  She holds an M.A. in Intercultural Relations from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, and has interned, studied or worked in Australia, Germany, Japan, Scotland and Sweden.

Dr. Meredith Fant Wilson is the Associate Director of Enrollment Management at Clemson University. She previously served as a Study Abroad Advisor where she advised students throughout the study abroad process, from the initial exploration of opportunities abroad through re-entry upon students’ return to campus. Before coming to Clemson in 2007, Meredith worked as the Public Relations Manager for Discover Upcountry Carolina, a non-profit destination marketing organization. Meredith holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, M.Ed. in Counselor Education, and a BS in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management from Clemson University. In her free time, Meredith enjoys traveling, shopping, gardening, and cooking.

Joshua Hudson, a graduate of Clemson University, earned a Bachelor of Science in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management.  As a student at Clemson, Joshua studied abroad in Thailand sparking an interest in international travel.  Upon graduating, Joshua moved to Chile to teach English followed by backpacking around South America.  After returning to the US he worked at CISabroad recruiting students from Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina to study abroad.  He’s excited to come “home” to Clemson and help get Tigers abroad.