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Resources for Campus Internationalization


This page seeks to provide resources for campus internationalization, including a summary of the ACE Internationalization Lab and sources for funding of global activities.

Funding for global activities can be obtained through a variety of foundations and grants. OGE has compiled a short list of global funding resources. For more comprehensive research funding resources, please see the Office of Sponsored Programs page on the Clemson website. Their Funding Sources page offers resources in funding for both international and domestic research projects.

ACE Internationalization Task Force Reports and Internationalization Inventories

Clemson University is a participant in the American Council of Education (ACE)'s Internationalization Laboratory, an invitational learning community focused on developing strategies for comprehensive internationalization on university campuses.  Clemson's participation began in October 2013 with the appointment of 32 faculty, staff and students to an Internationalization Task Force co-chaired by Sharon Nagy (Vice Provost for Global Engagement), Taufiquar Khan (Professor of Mathematics) and Akel Kahera (Associate Dean for Research, AAH).  Over the course of AY 2013-2014, the task force organized into  9 subcommittees conducting an internal review of Clemson's international activities.  The results of this review, as well as recommended actions, are contained in the documents below.

These reports were shared across campus in a series of presentations during January and February 2015. Feedback from those conversations were incorporated into the executive summary and the final documents shared with the ACE external review team in preparation for their visit.

The external review visit took place on March 9-10, 2015. The reviewers met with campus leaders and task force members, as well as moderated three thematic discussions. The results from this visit will be announced in the following weeks of March. Stay tuned for their suggestions! 

ACE Internationalization Task Force Reports

Executive Summary

Reports (available upon request, from 2012-2014)

  • Curriculum & Teaching
  • Research
  • Faculty
  • Tenure, Promotion and Reappointment
  • International Students and Campus Climate
  • Study Abroad
  • Global Partnerships & Initiatives
  • Policy, Procedures & Administrative Infrastructure
  • English as Second Language

Other Inventories of Internationalization at Clemson University

2014 Faculty Survey for Internationalization

2014 Staff Survey for Internationalization

Courses with Global Learning Content

Major International Awards to Faculty (Fulbright, DAAD, etc.)