Global Engagement

General Considerations

Clemson Applicants 

If you are an enrolled Clemson student, you MUST apply through the Fulbright Program Advisor (FPA), Dr. Steve Wainscott, and meet the campus deadline. If you are a recent Clemson graduate, you are still eligible to apply through Clemson. The process for recent graduates is the same as it is for enrolled students. All Clemson applicants are required to attend a campus interview. These interviews are usually held in early October.  Recent graduates also have the option of applying directly to the Institute of International Education (IIE) (the organization that administers the Fulbright Program) as an “at-large” applicant. The Institute of International Education notifies candidates of their status after a preliminary national screening in late January. The notice of final selection occurs in April or May.

Should I apply?
You should submit an interest form to the Clemson FPA the moment you begin considering applying for a Fulbright grant. This form does not commit you to the application, it only makes us aware of your interests and intent. We will also use your information to keep you on our mailing list so that you can begin to receive important updates about the Clemson application process.

1. Gathering information

  • Attend one of our campus informational sessions. There we will give you important information about the program as well as an overview of preparing and applying through Clemson.
  • Browse the official Fulbright website.
  • Make an individual appointment with Clemson’s FPA.
  • Read successful Fulbright proposals. Ask the Clemson Fulbright Program Advisor about obtaining copies of these 
  • Consult your professors, advisors, and supervisors. Acquaint them with your ideas and plans.

2. Making an informed decision
Now that you have gathered as much information as possible, ask yourself the following questions:

Will I be on campus during the spring or early fall to begin preparing my application?
How will you be in contact with the necessary resources Clemson has available before the campus deadline in September?

Do I have the time and energy to commit to this process?
Participation in the application process involves a lot of independent work and revision. However, the earlier you begin, the less daunting the fall deadline will be.

Do I know what I want to study overseas and why?
A vital part of any Fulbright application (study/research grant or English Teaching Assistantship) is a demonstrated understanding of, and enthusiasm for, an overseas experience. A good balance of dedication to academic goals and commitment to upholding the Fulbright mission of promoting ‘mutual understanding’ are the core elements of your application.

What is it about my selected host country, beyond academics, that makes me want to work there?
The Fulbright program is very interested in how you intend to become involved and integrate with your local foreign community. You should consider if there are any social, political, historical, or cultural aspects of the host country that you are particularly interested in investigating further.

Is my academic record strong enough?
While a high GPA is not mandatory to apply for or to be a successful Fulbright applicant, it is nevertheless important to be of high academic standing. There have been some exceptional cases in which applicants had an average academic record.

Do I come across as someone who is interested in things outside of the classroom?
The Fulbright Program values interest in non-academic pursuits. Think of how your extra-curricular involvement may translate into your future life abroad and how it may apply in your local community.

Can I make meaningful contacts overseas?
Particularly for study/research grants, it is important to establish a contact from whom you can obtain a Letter of Affiliation (usually from a university). The letter should demonstrate not only your commitment to the proposed project, but also show that there will be guidance and resources available to your during your time overseas.

Be sure to read our Guide for Clemson applicants.