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Nisarg Gandhi   

Nisarg Gandhi    Age: 22
Country of origin:
Major at Clemson:
Computer science
First semester at Clemson: Fall 2008

What other university/s have you attended?
University of Mumbai, India

Why did you choose to come to Clemson?
The merit of the program I wanted to pursue, the reputation of the University.

What’s your favorite Clemson memory?
It was while I was working at the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts. We wrapped up the show, loud music was put on, and everyone started dancing and singing on the stage. There were Americans, Indians, Spaniards, bosses, employees, everyone, dancing in their own style with no feeling of any differences and a unique feeling of oneness.

What advice would you give to a new international student coming to Clemson?
It is going to be a huge change from your life back home, but if you are ready to adapt, this change can be a very pleasant one. Clemson will offer you a wonderful experience, which we call the Clemson Experience.

What about Clemson (or the United States) was different than you expected?
The pace of life in Clemson is much slower than I expected, also the people are much more helpful and social than I thought they would be.

What types of on-campus activities (student organizations, research, jobs) are/were you involved in?
I am the president of the Clemson Indian Students Association for 2009-10. I am the secretary/treasurer of the Open Source University Meet Up group on campus, which is sponsored by SUN Microsystems.
I presently am doing research in the Physics department. I have worked at the Brook Center for Performing Arts for the previous two semesters.

What is your favorite place on/near campus?
Sitting by the pond in front of the library. Looks amazing especially at night.

What are your plans after graduation?
To start my own logistics company.

What are your career plans/aspirations?
To be an entrepreneur, and make a name for myself in my field.