Global Engagement

Student Profiles

Thomas Kieferle, International student at ClemsonThomas Kieferle

Country of origin: Germany
Major at Clemson: Industrial engineering and management
When you studied at Clemson: Spring 2011

What other university/s have you attended?
Hochschule Esslingen University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen, Germany

Why did you choose to come to Clemson?
I chose to come to Clemson because it was the exchange program at my university, because of interesting reports from former exchange students and because of Clemson’s well-known engineering program.

What's your favorite Clemson memory?
Activities with my cultural partner and having fun with all the exchange students in CEC

What types of on-campus activities (student organizations, research, jobs) are/were you involved in?
Cultural partner program

What is your favorite place on/near campus?
Fike Recreation Center and Tiger Town Tavern