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Michael King

Michael King

Country of Origin: Australia
Major at Clemson: Construction Science and Management
When you studied at Clemson: Fall 2011
Home University: The University of South Australia (UNISA)

Why did you choose to come to Clemson?
Clemson chose me, and I’m so glad!

What’s your favorite Clemson memory?
Hardest question ever! Either bellowing the wrong words to ‘Piano Man’ at TD’s karaoke, stomping a 180 for the first time on a wakeboard or every single tailgate!

What types of on-campus activities (student organizations, research, jobs) are/were you involved in?
Shotgun shooting, wakeboarding (Water sports club)

What is your favorite place on/near campus?
My favorite place on campus was either Bowman field, just hanging out and throwing/kicking the football and frisbee, or Calhoun Courts for the friends, laughs, and overall sense of community. Off campus, my favorite places were TD’s, the dam/rope swing and Pita Pit!