Global Engagement

Student Profiles

Michael YouldenMichael Youlden

Country of origin: Australia
Home University: University of Newcastle (Australia)
Major at Clemson: Commerce (Finance) / Law
When you studied at Clemson: Academic year 2011-2012

Why did you choose to come to Clemson?
I chose Clemson because of its location on the east coast and in the south (didn't want to freeze up north), the college town atmosphere, and the athletic scene particularly with football.

What's your favorite Clemson memory?
There's too many to have a favorite, but one that did stand out was the Florida State vs. Clemson home game. Being on the hill when we won was pretty memorable and crazy. The whole tailgating and gameday experience at Clemson is unreal. The school spirit and the people make Clemson what it is.

What types of on-campus activities (student organizations, research, jobs) are/were you involved in?
I went on a few core-outdoor recreation trips — Colorado ski trip to Steamboat is one example. I played with the golf and tennis club teams. I also went to numerous sporting events, played violin in the Clemson symphony orchestra and went to a few FCA programs.

What is your favorite place on/near campus?
That would be a toss-up between the football stadium and downtown Clemson.